Traditional Indian Saree Collection to Get Festival Look 
September 21, 2021

Traditional Indian Saree Collection to Get Festival Look 

As we all know India is a country of different festivals. These festivals are a symbol of Indian heritage and culture. Festivals like Teej, karva chauth, diwali, and many more are celebrated with different traditions. But in all these festivals one tradition always follows by women. Yes, during festivals women follow a tradition to wear the best traditional saree. In India, sarees are made in a variety of designs. Saree has gained so much appreciation from the world. Women from the US, UK, or Malaysia love to wear Indian sarees at functions and festivals.

Traditional Indian Saree Collection to Get Festival Look 

Type Of Sarees In India

India is home to amazing and stunning sarees. In India, every state has a different type of art for making saree. Bandhani sarees are made in Gujarat, paithani in Maharastra, banarasi in Varanasi, and many more. All the saree have some unique and beautiful detailing on them. Also, all are made with different types of material. Cotton, silk, georgette, net, and satin all these and many more materials are used to make a beautiful saree. 

When you go out of ideas what you want to wear in a festive saree can become your savior. Yes! saree is the most versatile attire that suits every occasion and festival. When we are talking about the festival, you must be thinking about what outfit will be best for which festival. A right chosen saree can be your best option for any occasion. Saree is the only outfit that can look good at any festival. 

Saree comes in several designs and types to choose from. From embroidered saree to heavy border saree or printed saree. We have a collection of saree that goes perfect for any occasion and festival

Latest saree design for festivals

Floral Printed Saree

Flowers form an elemental part of traditional designs. From everyday cheek look to powerful appearance at festival floral designs always rock. Floral print on soft material like organza with detailing of the embroidered border is best of the festival like Ganesh Chaturthi or any pooja. 

Embroidery Sarees

Thread embroidery decoration with the right color of thread and design will give the best traditional look. Embroidery saree is in fashion for years, with time design and way of embroidery have changed. You can choose an embroidery saree which comes with a fully embroidered blouse and half embroidery saree for the classy look. Embroidered saree which display heavy look can be worn at weddings or Diwali function. 

Banarasi Saree

The weaving of gold hue on saree with the design of flower, peacock, birds, and many other elements, Yes! banarasi saree is the best option you should have in your wardrobe. There is fix function for the banarasi saree, these saree can be worn at weddings, festival-like karva chauth, and of your choice. Banarasi sarees are the most love for their elegant and most traditional look. There are varieties of banarasi saree available you can choose from. 

Glittery Saree

When looking for something that gives you strong identification from others wearing a saree with sheen will go the best. Sequins sarees are the most trending topic nowadays in Indian fashion. Women from Bollywood to fashion platforms all are giving goals to wear sequins shimmery saree at festivals. The right choice of hue is all you need to focus on while purchasing a sequins saree. 

Patola Saree

Patola saree is a traditional saree from Gujarat. Traditional saree that women mostly wear at the time of weddings.  Checks design embroidered with different types of patterns and figures. This is some with more traditional more festival vibe saree. If you are into making some traditional vibe patola saree can be the best choice.

Chikankari Saree

Elegant yet classy! Chikankari is one type of embroidery work that is done most subtly. Chikankari has mostly done on pastel hue that is more look like a formal look. If you have to attend some official parties that chikankari would suggest the best. Not only for parties it also can be worn at other festivals. 

Modern Frilled Saree

Now, this is something all young women will love to wear. Saree is something all the women want to wear once in this life only waiting for the right time and designs. This beautiful saree is all frilled from pallu's part. You must have seen many celebrity divas wearing this type of sarees at many events. Now it is your turn to create the best fashionable look. 

Heavy Bordered Saree 

Be it embroidery or weaving heavy border pallu always goes best with any festival. That made the best lookout. When you do not wear heavy jewelry, there is no worry to look simple because heavy borders cover it all and attract the eyes. Different colors borders can give an amazing look.

Saree offers the best comfort so you can wear this beautiful saree on any occasion. Saree is the most versatile piece of attire that is the symbol of grace and beauty. If you know how to drape the saree in the best way, nothing can make you more stunning than a saree.