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Why You Should Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga for Your Wedding

Why You Should Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga for Your Wedding

Have you finally decided to walk down the aisle with the love of your life? Every lady dreams of this day.  A wedding is the once in a lifetime event which puts you at the center of attention. The outfit that you choose for your special day should, therefore, be perfect in how it looks and how it makes you feel.

Though most people choose different gowns for their weddings, some are torn between picking a saree or a Lehenga. Both outfits are designed to mark such auspicious occasions, but the saree is a better option for your wedding compared to a Lehenga. We will justify this by giving you enough reasons to choose a saree over a lehenga. Enjoy!

It is hard to beat the glory of a silk saree

Silk has made a comeback in the fashion industry. It is one of the sexiest fabrics used to make glamorous sarees that come with all types of embroidery. Silk is the most popular and classic material that frequently turns up in wedding saree collections. It is comfortable, soft, lightweight with a luxurious look and feel. Most brides who choose silk sarees for their weddings look stunning in them since the fabric symbolizes royalty and class.

Silk sarees break the monotony of always wearing a conventional Lehenga to a wedding. In India, Assamese brides are known to wear white silk sarees that feature red borders.

Bridal sarees are unique and different

Why You Should Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga for Your Wedding

According to the Indian tradition, most brides are married off in traditional lehengas that match the color of their spouses. Though a lehenga is elegant, it is an old attire. A bridal saree, on the other hand, allows you to look different and unique during your wedding.

Since most brides go for wedding lehengas, let people remember your unique outfit for long by choosing a saree. It allows you to feel special and makes you feel like a queen during your special day.

Various draping styles

Bridal sarees are not limited when it comes to draping styles. You can drape the saree in different styles according to your taste and look stunning on your wedding. Though a lehenga features the dupatta drape, a bridal saree gives you a lot of freedom to experiment on the draping style.

You can also play around with numerous fabrics and blouse designs to complete your outfit. Feel free to include a dupatta over your wedding saree.

Addition of traditional jewelry

Most mothers pass down traditional jewelry to their daughters during the wedding. Since these pieces have a lot of sentimental value, you should be free to wear them with your bridal attire. Unlike lehenga outfits, wedding sarees give you that chance to wear antique jewelry on your wedding day.

It is hard to wear traditional jewelry with wedding lehengas since they come with other outstanding features on the dupatta, lehenga skirt or even blouse. Wearing traditional jewelry on a lehenga leaves the impression of overdoing your look. Designers from different shops produce wedding sarees providing room for traditional jewelry.

Freedom to experiment with the blouse

Why You Should Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga for Your Wedding

In the past, bridal lehengas came in stunning designs and embroideries. Wedding sarees are now taking over the fashion industry. Designers create gorgeous wedding sarees with innovative designs. You can also choose different blouse designs to wear with your saree at different stages of the wedding such as the church ceremony, reception or evening party. They give you the chance to pick more than one blouse for the event.

Numerous saree options to choose from

Wedding sarees also come in different types.  You have so much to select from in the world of sarees meaning you can never run out of options. You can get a perfect wedding saree that matches your taste to help you make a style statement at your wedding.

Start making the wedding arrangements early enough so that you can have enough time to select your wedding saree. Though wedding sarees originate from India, there is no shortage of wedding sarees in Western countries.

You can choose types such as Paithani, Kanjeevaram, Gujarat or Banarasi saree. The Kanjeevaram wedding sarees are famous for their dashing temple borders. If you love net sarees, you can get one that contains gorgeous embroidery work to wear to your wedding.

You can wear a wedding saree more than once

Why You Should Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga for Your Wedding

Lehengas come with a heavy material which makes reusability a great concern. Though the outfit may be glamorous, it occupies a lot of space and is hard to store. It is also difficult to convert a lehenga to an anarkali for future use.

A wedding saree, on the other hand, is more flexible since you can wear it even after your wedding. Feel free to wear your wedding saree to a friend's wedding in the future. Wedding sarees are made from good quality material which can be reused and stored without any difficulties. Purchasing a wedding saree can, therefore, save you future expenses when you need to attend a traditional occasion.

Sarees fit different body types

Why You Should Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga for Your Wedding

You may not have to worry so much about looking anything less than perfect when you go for a wedding saree. These outfits are versatile in that they are ideal for all kinds of body shapes. Whether you are slim or big, you will still look good in a wedding saree.

Lehengas are limited to slim ladies who don't have to worry about additional fat in some areas. Finding a lehenga suited for apple-shaped ladies can be challenging. You must choose one according to your body shape and structure. If you are big, you can hide the parts you are not comfortable with using the elements of a saree and boost your confidence.

Final thoughts

Most soon-to-be brides find themselves in a dilemma of picking between a lehenga and a saree for their special occasion. Though both attires are classy, bridal sarees are better than lehengas since they are trendy, unique, more versatile and reusable. You can make your wedding perfect by choosing a saree that makes you look amazing. Get to Stylecaret today and select a saree that brings out the diva in you!