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Top Women Shoes Trends For 2022

The relevance of the question of what women's shoes are in fashion does not weaken even if it is a cold season outside the window. If for other types of shoes the seasonal regime is crucial, then the shoes have all the signs of versatility and demand. From a correctly and well-chosen pair of shoes, no doubt, it depends how beautiful and comfortable everyday, office, home, elegant or solemn bows will be.

The relevance of the question of what women's shoes are in fashion does not weaken even if it is cold outside of the year. If for other types of shoes the seasonal regime is crucial, then the shoes have all signs of versatility and relevance. From the right and well-chosen pair shoes no doubt depends on how beautiful and comfortable everyday, office, home, elegant or solemn bows.

Since most of our day is spent in offices, auditoriums and other rooms, the problem of choosing a new beautiful, fashionable and at the same time suitable and comfortable pair of shoes remains perhaps the most basic. Many photos with advertised new products can lead to despair and confusion from the abundance of models.

Here are a few trends for 2022:

  • In the modern interpretation of the relevance of shoe models, fashion does not require categorically to choose between high-heeled or low-heeled shoes. The trends of the season are represented by an extensive variety of women's shoes in different styles with heels of different lengths and shapes. Classic remains in fashion, so black heels will be a perfect option.
  • The new season offers to pay special attention to the model range with an open heel. The most striking hit of this direction was slingback shoes and mule shoes, which tried to conquer the minds of fashionistas last season, but the real triumph awaits them in this. Models in this style are very similar, but have a fundamental difference: slingbacks have a strap around the heel, the mule does not have one;
  • The use of lacing is widely represented in fashion trends, it is decorated with loafers, oxfords and Mary Jane shoes;
  • Fashionistas should take a closer look at the kitten heel style shoes, which are distinguished by their special grace, femininity and comfort. Most often these are boats on a miniature hairpin (within 3-5 cm) or on a glass heel;
  • Analysts of the latest fashion trends note the rapid return of comfortable and practical wedge and platform models. World-famous brands give such shoes, elements characteristic of sports shoes are painted in rich shades, use bright and unusual prints;
  • Once complete opposites - sharp and square toe perfectly coexist in ideas for the new season 2021-2022. A few photo examples from the catwalks will be a great illustration of such a trend
  • The developers of the models approached the colors of the new products in a completely non-standard way. Traditional style attributes are still relevant and monochrome red, black, white and blue shoes remain in trend. At the same time, the whole pink palette and the combination of shades of yellow and gray.


The variability of gentle and delicate boat models are able to satisfy the interest of their most

demanding fans. The most fashionable pairs of shoe designers were decorated with thin low stilettos and graceful heels-glasses; placed them on hidden platforms and wedges; given practicality and comfort on a durable toast heel. Seasonal colors have become more juicy and catchy, color combinations are increasingly being used, the same diversity is noted in the choice of material. In trend satin effect, silver boats.

Open toe shoes

Classic shoes with thin heels with an open toe remain on the fashionable Olympus. Stylists assure that women's legs in such shoes will look gentle and attractive. Without exaggeration, we can say that this model deserves the title of an icon of elegant fashion and impeccable style.

The global fashion trend that promotes femininity and elegance has become so strong fundamentally, that episodic and even massive statements by fashion critics that in creative, and even unrestrainedly original ideas have come into fashion, do not affect the desire of fashionistas in any way buy another pair of high-heeled shoes with a tapered and open toe.

Thick heeled shoes

No matter how charming and graceful shoes with high thin heels look, the realities of everyday life and the eventful and eventful life of modern women require having practical, comfortable shoes in which it is convenient and free to move around. Shoe designers, knowing about the increased demand for this type of footwear, in the 2021-2022 season they offer diverse models of shoes with thick heels. Photos of fashionable shoes with an emphasis on stable thick heels completely refute the prevailing opinion about the dullness and monotony of this style. This season's lineup has an amazing variety of ideas. Thick heels can vary from low to high, with shoes decorated like square, and rounded toes.

Top Women Shoes Trends For 2022