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Top 5 Shoe Trends You Should Be Wearing In 2022

These shoe trends will boost your style in one elegant swoop, whether you want to give your best midi dresses a sporty touch or your best jeans a classic twist. Dopamine dressing is one of the major fashion trends of 2022- it’s all about feeling good and looking good. If you buy just one pair from each of these categories, you’re set for the year. As you add to your shoe collection, you will also want to invest in a shoe organiser like this one from the weekly ad of Lidl or make a DIY one as illustrated on Pinterest.

1. Platform Heels

Brands like Saint Laurent, Ermanno Scervino and Acne have brought these back on the runway, and it's easy to see why. As we emerge from lockdown-life, comfort is a priority but without skimping on style. Platforms are definitely easier to wear than stilettos thanks to the chunky sole. 

Inspired by the 90s, and once loved by Spice Girls and fans everywhere, we’ve seen them worn graciously by the likes of Ariana Grande and Sarah Jessica Parker.  

Platform Heels

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels

Take your outfit (and your feet) to new heights with a bold stompy sky-high heel. Pair them with an oversized shirt, gold jewellery and jeans for a subtle look. If you want to go extra bold, pair them with a bright minidress or a patterned midi dress.

2. Chunky sandals


Comfy sandals have stolen our hearts and the spotlight once again. These fashionable and functional shoes have been SPOTTED on various runways including those of Chloe,Hermès and Stella McCartney. They are the go-to athleisure shoe for Spring 2022.You can pair them with your favourite pair of jeans or tailored trousers.  Chunky soles are crucial, and combined with functional velcro straps and  ultra comfy neoprene fabric, these sandals embody both comfort and style.

Platform Heels

Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels

3. Striking detail

Look for heels with interesting shapes or feminine details like embellishments, crystal encrusted straps, or exaggerated pointed toes. If you are out to turn heads, go on and try hybrid styles like croc-heels, or Versace’s loafer platform.These statement shoes can be paired with neutral outfits or solid colours because they will naturally be the centre of attention.

4. 90s Mules

Mules have become part of everyone’s spring wardrobe thanks to the Quilted mule heel from Bottega Veneta.

Platform Heels

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

Easy to slip on and off due to the lack of laces, straps or buckles, these are a perfect addition to a brunch look. This year's version features a fun twist—from animal designs to glittering details—and is defined by one simple strap and a low-to-mid heel.

5. Wedges

Whether you adore them or love to hate them, wedges are in- but more artsy and stylized. Fendi, Versace and Acne are among the brands that launched their own versions this year.Think bold solid colours, leather and buckle straps.  For a sleek and elongated look pair them with flared jeans, or go for the classic midi dress or jumpsuit.

Top 5 Shoe Trends You Should Be Wearing In 2022