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How to Wear Jewelry the Right Way: The Proper Etiquette Explained

How to Wear Jewelry the Right Way: The Proper Etiquette Explained

When it comes to wearing jewelry, there are certain things you should understand. You can check out our guide here to learn more about how to wear jewelry.

Did you know that the jewelry industry in the United States is $30 billion?

With such a thriving industry, you’ll have lots of options to get more fabulous baubles and trinkets.

But as a responsible owner, wearing jewelry with proper etiquette is a must. If you have no prior experience, you might not know these guidelines.

Don’t get discouraged yet. We’ll help you perfect your look.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to wear jewelry the right way. Read on and find out more.

Everyday Jewelry

Some jewelry pieces are versatile enough to be acceptable on any occasion. If you’re married, this includes your wedding band. Another great jewelry item for everyday use is a wristwatch, especially when you aren’t keen on checking your cellphone for the time.

Do you have a keepsake necklace? If so, as long as it’s simple, you can wear it without attracting unwanted side glances. Take note, some situations might make a necklace inappropriate, but these are rare. You may also explore jewelry redesign options to give your old pieces a new and trendy look. This way, you can continue wearing them without feeling outdated.

Office Jewelry

When choosing jewelry to wear while on the job, the general rule is to pick those with subtlety and simplicity. Even without the glamour, you’ll still have the means of showing off your individuality. Just ensure that it isn’t distracting or offensive for either your colleagues or clients.


Depending on your office environment, your jewelry ideas can change. In conservative offices, you’re better off wearing stud earrings. To make the most out of your look, ensure that these will either match or complement your office outfit.

For less conservative workplaces, you have more freedom to wear small hoop earrings. The caveat is that these shouldn’t sparkle too much. It must not make a lot of tinkling noises whenever you move around.

Is your office leaning more to the creative side? If so, larger earrings are more welcome but ensure that its noise is minimal. That way, you won’t end up distracting your workmates.

No one wants an annoying colleague whose jewelry jingles and jangles whenever they walk around.


Regardless of the office environment, ensure that your bracelets won’t have large, flashy rhinestones. It’s better to save the glamour after work hours. Like earrings, your bracelet shouldn’t be noisy, meaning stacking bangles are out of the question.

Bracelets that clang while you’re typing at a keyboard can be annoying. It’s especially the case when you’re working in cubicles or stations.

Number of Acceptable Jewelry

If you aren’t certain if you’re wearing too much jewelry pieces at work, go for the fewest possible pieces. A general rule is to wear either a watch or a bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a simple necklace. If you wear more than this, you’re likely exceeding the acceptable number for most office environments. For more insights on striking the perfect balance with your office jewelry, visit the Jewelry Blog from for expert tips and trends.

Formal Jewelry

Formal events are the prime environment for you to show your elegance with jewelry. That’s why these events are the best for wearing your most glamorous and expensive jewelry. It’s acceptable to become sparkling, but making the most out of your jewelry pieces is to use them to emphasize your best features.

For example, your high cheekbones and amazing jawline are best with an updo. To complement it with jewelry pieces, use crystal or diamond earrings. Complete this look by using a statement necklace since it also makes people look at your face more.

Take note, jewelry pieces help glamourize your outfit. If you wear too many, you’re likely taking away the attention your dress deserves. This means you should never let your jewelry overwhelm your style and appearance.

As for oversized pieces, limit it to a single piece of jewelry. Otherwise, you’ll look like a little girl playing with your mother’s jewelry. With that, pick a statement piece and ensure subtlety for the rest of your jewelry pieces.

Party Jewelry

Are you going to a friend’s party? If so, the etiquette surrounding jewelry pieces isn’t as strict. If you’re hanging out with your friends on a wonderful Friday night, you can almost never go wrong, so wear those floating charms with pride. But if you’re wearing too much jewelry, your accessories will take the spotlight instead of your amazing personality.

Other Tips on How to Wear Jewelry

These are other tips to wear jewelry, regardless of occasion or setting. These will help you keep classy and elegant. Keep these in mind:

1. Layer Jewelry

The most important rule when wearing jewelry is to layer them wisely. You’ll find that mixing and matching jewelry is fun. But always prioritize both balance and elegance since these can affect how other people see you.

Start by mixing short and long necklaces if you intend to wear more than one. Think about your neckline and ensure the layer will flatter it. For bracelets, pair your chunky ones with thin ones since this creates a sense of balance while keeping it beautiful.

2. Mix Metals Properly

When you’re picking jewelry components for events, ensure that the metal mixture is complementary. If you do, you’ll take your look to the next level with a modern stylish look most people dream of. Pair platinum with diamonds or white gold, but avoid yellow and white gold.

If you have a gold necklace, ensure that the bracelet is gold too. Otherwise, a silver bracelet will ruin the entire aesthetic. You don’t want to become a fashion disaster during an important event.

3. Take Good Care of Your Nails

If you wear a ring, your outfit receives an instant boost, especially if it’s bold. But this can become a liability since people will always notice your nails. So, to make a balanced look, your nails should also be immaculate.

If you color your nails, go for simple muted hues. That way, they will notice your bold ring design more. You can also go for something elegant, like the pieces from the twisted hearts collection.

Learn How to Wear Jewelry Today!

These are some tips and tricks on how to wear jewelry for any occasion. Use these to ensure you’re not overstepping boundaries of fashion decency.

But why stop with jewelry? If you want to get more fashion tips and tricks, we encourage you to read more of our guides right here, today!