When it comes to the latest trends in fashion jewellery, get ready for bigger, better, and more glam than ever. It ranges from the ‘80s – inspired pieces to asymmetrical earrings, necklaces that are bold, and beyond.

Going by the showcased collections at  NY, Las  Vegas, London, Milan, and  Paris, it is about making a statement, the bigger and flashier, the better.

The best jewellery trends worth investing in right now are summed up for you. Have a look and decide what works for you. But, the win-win deal in 2019 will be for Belly Button piercing trends.

  • Statement  Pearls

Not your grandmother’s pearls, but pieces with architectural designs and unexpected earring shapes got all the head-turning. Pearls are classic, yet a hot trend this year.

  • Hair  Jewels

Now, this trend will make you feel like a kid again. You can add playful words to your hairstyle or deck out your hair with colourful gemstones.

  • Initial  Necklaces

This is the sweetest one around. Doesn’t matter if you are going with your boyfriend’s initials or just want something cute to remind you of your children.

  • Chunky  Chain  Links

Chunky chain linked necklaces are really in trend this fall. Bulky silver and gold links are a statement in their own right. They lend an appealing dose of trendy effortlessness and attitude to any style. Just a luxe pair of cute cartilage earrings or one bold necklace can transform a  look.

  • Gold  hardware  and  Danglers

The metal has been featuring across the spectrum from minimalist dainty chains to bulky hardware links. Gold pendants and baubles are gracing the season’s most innovative and lust-worthy necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

  • Mega  Size  Jewelry

This trend is the overarching theme of this season. Oversized jewellery exudes assertive confidence and an unapologetic aura. Both earrings and necklaces are trending in gravity-defying sizes. Simply summarized, bigger = better.

  • Cuffs

Chunky and ornate cuffs are by and large a favourite aesthetic among the stylish for many reasons, one of the most celebrated being their likeness to a sculptural piece of art.

  • Navel  Jewelry

There are a lot of artsy designs to opt for when it comes to stylish belly button rings.  Barbells with danglers that have multicoloured gemstones are most popular these days. Besides the dazzling gemstones, cute cartoon belly rings are also trending this season.

  • The  Single  Earring

This is the most visually arresting jewellery trend this year. It is simple and elegant, showcasing an inner composure and innate confidence. The long and dangling varieties sweep the collarbone and create a romantic symmetry.

  • Mismatched  Earrings

An unexpected trend yet it is a decisive and energetic approach to style. Jewellery designers have used this as an opportunity to play with dimensions and sizes. This contrast effectively creates a spirited and self-assured silhouette.

  • Glitzy  Silver  Chandeliers

Silver has many functions, from a gorgeous minimalist metal to more glamorous, sparkling and festive designs. The trend this fall is glittering cute cartilage earrings and ornate necklaces, giving an unrestrained and effusive aura. Ranging from shimmering leaf earrings to ornate and glistening silver chandeliers, the metal is a stunning addition to any style.