How to Dress Like A Persian- 11 Tips to Know
March 01, 2022

How to Dress Like A Persian- 11 Tips to Know

Paris has done, for a long time, an extraordinary job of promoting tourism and, in one way or another, manages to make us sigh from the first syllables of its pronunciation. I love it, although I have heard of several stories of heartbreak when they show up there and discover that, beautiful as it is, it also turns out, just as it is, a huge city, full of people who are often not interested in falling in love with a foreigner.

What is undeniable is that people in France have a certain style when dressing and walking, which distinguishes them from the rest of the world.

1. Say Goodbye To "Bling Bling":

Nothing with flashy logos or glitter without rhyme or reason, it's like promoting brands and they never allow it. They leave that for the accessories.

2. Luxury Garments

Luxury is defined by objects and garments that guarantee good taste, quality and durability more than the “very expensive” label and with the help of mobile application of the brand Sézane you can get your desire luxury garments online.

3. Mix your Look

Coordinating the garments in all the looks is a crime, better to mix! A bag that belonged to mom or great-aunt with a basic cashmere sweater and jeans obeys this rule: chic means avoiding the temptation to buy the entire wardrobe that they put in stores, displayed on mannequins without even trying it on and seeing if it suits your personality, body type and style.

4. Explore

Being creative when shopping is invaluable, discovering small, original, local designer clothes is much more affordable and fun than queuing outside a store to buy the object of everyone's desire. You have to have confidence in your own talent to mix novelties with the basic garments you already have.

5. If The Garment Feels Comfortable, Wear It

The secret to great style is being comfortable in what you're wearing. Now, comfortable doesn't mean fancy, because in addition, following the above rules, your closet will be full of options that can be mixed with intelligence and good taste.

6. No Need To Love A Style Icon

Sure you can, but what better if it's not someone famous! From relatives (I adore my mother's style, I can't deny it) to some little-known artist, it's better to learn about their tastes and adapt them to yourself than to always answer “Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany's!” or “Frida Kahlo”.

7. Don't Take The Rules Of Good Taste Too Seriously

Take liberties when mixing your clothes and thank the world that there are people around you who do so. Clothes are a non-verbal expression of who we are and what we want, so don't be afraid to stand out by mixing colors, textures, sizes... By taking some risks, you will find your personal style and that is the most important thing!

8. Learn To Buy

Whether you ask a personal shopper for help [I'll do it, if you're interested ;)] or find out on your own and learn to be your own, learning to shop with a cool head will prevent you from stuffing yourself with clothes you never wear , complex situation between so many options in stores!

9. Take In The Trends

Knowing that something is fashionable is essential to keep up to date, but it is not about enslaving yourself to trends. A detail of the "in" in your look of the day is more than enough if you do not feel like taking risks every day.

10. Divide Your Shopping Budget

Divide your shopping budget in two: one part to acquire quality basics, and another for purchases that we will call "impulsive" accessories such as necklaces, bags, belts, which enrich your wardrobe. Getting a good look is a matter of quality, not quantity. And you will see that you need less than you think.

11. Eliminate What Is Not Essential

Saving clothes to use them under the optics of “when I paint the house, I will wear this shirt” never works. Learn to let go and keep your closet tidy. And if you just bought something that you're regretting as soon as you get home, it's okay to return it to the store!

12. Locate what are the basic items of a good wardrobe:

  • Jeans without sparkly inlays, that fit you well - neither big nor muddy.
  • A blazer
  • A trench coat
  • A light wool or cashmere sweater. Of the best quality you can buy.
  • T-shirts that fit the body, that is, comfortable but not too wide or too close or short.
  • Short black dress that you can wear for a cocktail or a meeting. If it is not black, make it a neutral color that goes with your skin tone.
  • Some heels that do hold.
  • Ballerinas or low shoes (flats) made of good quality materials. Leather and no plastic sole.

With these garments you can make many combinations between them and with more risky garments. You will see that if you follow these tips and stay up to date on what the fads of fashion show season after season, very soon you and your closet will have the best relationship you can dream of.

How to Dress Like A Persian