Best Trench Coat for Women
July 24, 2019

Best Trench Coat for Women

Women of all ages are obsessed with the trench coat. No matter how many pieces they have, if they see any new piece in a trend they will pick it up without giving a second thought. 

Now since the love f trench coat isn’t hidden from anyone so we thought of giving you the best trench coat trend list so that you will end up filling your closet with different versions trench for women.

The reason for trench coat popularity lies in its transitional nature.  It is the easiest piece in your wardrobe that will go with almost all attire and so you don’t end up investing in any new pieces.

Also, the trench coat isn’t very seasonal, this means you can have varieties of trench coat for different seasons. You will notice trench for women as a great layering option. Whether it's your sneakers look or stilettoes look, it will go perfectly with both the look. Let have a look at the best trench for women options.

1. Classic Camel Style.

Putting up classic style on the top is a must because some these styles don't follow any trend. No matter what you should stick to one classic trend coat and feel the elegance of wearing it.

2. Love for Animal Prints.

Looks super edgy and confident when up animal printed trench coats. Some trendy animal prints are zebra, python, or Leopard print in a chic vinyl trench coat. The best thing about the animal print coat trend is the variety within, it doesn’t always need to be loud. If you are now a very big fan of animal prints then go for a more subtle print to give your look a lift.

3. Longline Trench for Women in Nudes.

As explained above trench coat is a major layering piece or women. Nowadays layering of two trench coats together has gained a lot of attention.  The right way is to pick 2 trenches for women, one long and one short with complementing colors or you can doubled-up the design by wearing two trench coats together with an unbuttoned men's shirt.

4. One Size up Trench for Women.

The easiest way to make most from a trench coat is by shopping your trench coat one size up.  This Tran seasonal trend can be opted by allowing extra fabric to fold back the collar and cuffs. To give yourself a silhouette tie your waist with a contrasting belt to create dimensions and super trendy look that is yet to come on the streets from the runway.

5. Glossy vinyl trench for women

Coming up hot from the runway directly is this new trend in a trench coat. If you are one of those who want to experiment a completely new-fashioned attire then a glossy vinyl trench coat would be the best option. 

The glossy vinyl is a completely new take on the classic piece, it offers a modern edge without losing any of the versatility.  It will add some extra glossy with its glossy appeal and for those who are thinking of the colour options in vinyl, go for butterscotch shade for a subtle look or maybe a completely black vinyl for a mysterious look. Wear it with slim-fit jeans and a pair of high heels.

6. Metallic Magic

Next up in the list is again a new trend that is eye-catching and intimidating at the same time. We re talking the metallic trend that is turning really wearable in form of a trench coat. It might look a little over the top if you are used to a safer option.  Once bought we are sure this trench for women will become the focal point of all your outfits.

Hope the list of the best trench for women has given you a lot more ideas and styling tips for your transitional dressing pleasure.

Best Trench Coat for Women