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High Heel Hacks: Tips For Comfort Without Compromising Style

Walk into a party or event wearing a pair of gorgeous high heel shoes and the spotlight shifts to you almost instantly. The appeal and elegance of high heels have always been undeniable. You can wear beautiful shoes with pointed heels with a wide range of dresses such as trousers, gowns, skirts, and more. 

However, to look outstandingly gorgeous and appealing, women often take the trouble of pain. For high heels, the primary challenge remains pain, muscle fatigue, and swollen toes. 

But, if you know a few tricks, you can wear your heels with confidence and without feeling much pain. Here are a few such tips for every fashion-forward woman. 

High Heel Hacks: Tips For Comfort Without Compromising Style

Tape Your Toes

It is one of the most traditional methods for reducing foot pain while wearing heels. In this method, the wearer has to tape the third and the fourth toes together. For counting, you have to consider your big toe as the first one. 

Medically, a nerve branches into two parts and extends into the 3rd and 4th toes fingers. Therefore, when you keep them joined, the toes feel less pressure than their parted positions. As a result, you feel less pain while wearing your most stylish stilettos. 

Check Your Posture

Walking or standing wearing sleek, pointed heels can be painful. But, if you know how to walk or stand, the pain can be considerably low. The best way to walk in your pair of heels remains to place your heels first followed by your toes. 

If you step the other way around, your feet will hurt within a few minutes. Additionally, while walking, keep your backbone and neck straight (at 90 degrees with the ground). This will help your body pass down the gravitational balance smoothly. 

So, no specific part of the body will receive additional pressure.  Also, when you stand wearing your heels, make sure to lean against some elevated platform like a bar table or fence to distribute your body weight perfectly. These simple tricks will help you feel way less pain even after wearing your stilettos for hours. 

Use Petroleum Jelly

Not everyone wears heels for fashion; some wear them to work as well. Women involved in showbiz or hospitality business often wear pointed heels as their regular work wear. Consequently, they often suffer from blisters and shoe bites, and feel discomfort and pain. 

While many try to heal these wounds using Band-Aids, it is easier and more effective to use petroleum jelly. The best part is that the wearer does not have to apply the jelly on the skin, but on the inner surface of the shoe that bites. This helps the feet stay free from Band-Aids and protect against painful blisters. 

Use Ice Bags

Sometimes the newly bought pair of pumps hurt the most. But with time, the shoes grow a little in size making enough space for your feet.  

To avoid the new show bites, you can put ice bags in them and leave them in a freezer overnight. The next morning you will find your shoes stretched. Therefore, you can wear them comfortably for long hours. 

Buy Shoes Carefully

While almost all high heels hurt, buying them a little carefully can be helpful to some extent. If you have bought a branded pair of high heel shoes and the heels tapered inward, the weight distribution of the body will be better. 

Straight heels pain more. Also, stilettos shoes with platform or box heels supporting the fore part of your feet can be more comfortable. 

In short, do not shy away from wearing heels just because they hurt. You can always choose to wear beautiful, fashionable, and elegant pairs of peep-toe stilettos without encountering much discomfort if you keep the above-mentioned tricks in mind.