Enhance Your Fashion With Nose Rings - Know Which One Is Right For You
October 06, 2021

Enhance Your Fashion With Nose Rings - Know Which One Is Right For You

Body piercing has been a tradition among women through the ages, especially for wearing ornaments like earrings, nose pins, and nose rings that hold a special place in Oriental culture. Of late, the trend is catching up with Western styles too. Although earrings are more prevalent across cultures than nose pins and nose rings, the latter is part of the age-old tradition in many Asian countries, especially India, as essential bridal jewelry.

A pierced nose is often a ritual that signifies the woman coming of age that upholds womanhood and elegance. In some instances, the nose ring is often an expression of rebellion. The jewelry's piercing and style vary significantly according to the local traditions and the styling requirements. Piercing the right or left nostril is a personal choice, like choosing between a diamond stud and weighty loops.

Nose pins are now a part of the modern fashion trend as more and more women, especially young girls, are wearing nose pins that lend an ethnic touch to their fashion. Interestingly, nose pins are more in focus because of the dainty and elegant designs and small sizes that provide more styling options according to the face and nose shape. On the other hand, nose rings with loops that have a more traditional connection are for wearing only on special occasions. However, designers are creating modern-looking nose rings with sleek designs and smaller sizes that appeal to modern women.

While nose pins or studs go well with all face shapes, you should choose nose rings by considering your face shape. When choosing nose rings, always consider the shape and size of your face and that of the nose to understand which style and size of the jewelry will match the most. In addition, consider the way you want to use the jewelry. Do you want to use it regularly, like the earrings, and change them often or wear it for special occasions to make a statement with the large pieces of ethnic jewelry? You can even consider having both types but use them selectively according to the occasion. Matching the piece of jewelry with your facial features should be a priority to enhance your looks and draw all attention to the sparkling nose piece.

We will now walk you through a guide about selecting nose rings. 

Nose rings for a long face

Those who shy away from nose rings just because they have a long face are doing an injustice upon them. Nose rings and pins are available for all kinds of face shapes, including long faces, but you should know which one is right for you. Wearing beaded and colorful nose rings that create an edgy style is ideal for women with long faces. The sparkling embellishments become the center of attention of onlookers who pay less attention to the face shape. For subtle and toned down looks, you can opt for nose rings with metallic beads that look more earthly.

Nose rings for an angular face

Since nose rings must compliment your facial geometry, you must use the suitable design of nose rings that soften the well-defined and sharp features of an angular face with a sharp nose and firm jawline. To tone down the sharp facial features, it is advisable to use segmented nose rings, which are among the most popular nose rings and available in different styles. The nose ring design's roundness helps neutralize the facial sharpness and choose a size and thickness that looks optimal for your face. The choice of metal and whether to have any embellishments depends on your styling needs and sense of fashion.

Nose rings for round shape

Women with a round face would need some nose ring that helps to add a longitudinal dimension to the face shape that makes it look less round. Choose a half-beaded nose ring that sits just on the top of your nostrils and looks perfect on the round face. Changing the bead will help to alter the looks and appeal and increase the styling options. You can use the same nose ring with some new embellishment to suit the occasion.

If you are not happy with your nose shape because it is too prominent and tends to dominate the face, then think carefully about the suitability of wearing any ornament on your nose. Those with a wide nose with nostrils set apart should never dare to try out nose rings but instead, settle for some tiny diamond stud nose pin that looks beautiful when it dazzles under light to draw all attention. Moreover, the piercing position is critical because when done on the septum instead of the nostrils, it helps to make the gap between the nostrils look narrower, thereby creating an illusion of a slim nose shape.