A Detailed Look at Earring Options for Summer-Autumn 2021
June 23, 2021

A Detailed Look at Earring Options for Summer-Autumn 2021

Earrings are an indispensable piece of jewellery that can set the right tone and mood for the whole look. If, in the previous seasons, many brands have shown restraint in terms of earring options, this year, we’re going BIG! Welcome to the world of maximalist earrings...

We’re currently enthralled by big, bold earrings in unusual shapes, magnificent cuffs that hug the ear, asymmetric earrings, baroque pearls dangling in the sunlight and even kinetic jewellery earrings that bring a whole new dimension to the ear party. Kinda like these eye popping snake hoop earrings that are sure to grab attention.


This autumn, designers advise giving into pearls, with which you can create a refined and elegant image. Designer Simone Rocha is known for her experiments with pearls, which are the brand's business card. This season, the brand offers to choose dramatic multi-tiered chandelier earrings. Meanwhile, Chanel offered romantic earrings with pink stones and exquisite pearls, and Adeam Sang intricate models.

Huge Earrings

This season, maximalism is one of the main trends. Acne Studios showed massive earrings of abstract and slightly textured shape, similar to crumpled foil, Vivienne Hu showed earrings-rings of irregular shape, Patou offered exaggerated jewellery in the Baroque style, and in Schiaparelli appeared large gold-plated earrings-plates, like medals.

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earing trends 

Sybarite Jewellery’s stunningly bold and beautiful earring designs are the fashion pack’s preferred accessory this season Sybarite recently became the double jewellery design winner atf the A’Design Awards 2021 – one of the most prestigious and influential design accolades, the highest achievement in design.

Logos, Logos, Logos

Despite the growing demand for minimalist clothing, designers follow a different trend in jewellery. Earrings with brand logos are one of the current trends this summer. The iconic triangular Prada logo was transformed into a nail earring as well as a pendant, both models were presented either in the lobe or along the spiral of the ear. In Chanel, the CC logo adorned elegant earrings, and in Dolce & Gabbana, gold earrings adorned with shimmering stones appeared.

Mono Earring

Asymmetry in jewellery is still popular in the new season summer-autumn 2021. Single earring, as the main representative of this bold trend, is at the peak of its popularity. In addition, it is also a practical trend. If you have lost one from your favorite pair of earrings, you can now wear it solo.

The best earrings can be seen in the collections of Fendi, No.21, Alberta Ferretti, Acne Studios, and Valentino. Sylvia Venturini-Fendi presented a single piece of jewellery in the form of dice on a thin chain, Alberto Ferretti decorated the ear with an earring with nautical motifs, and Alessandro Del Aqua showed an evening version with crystals and pearls.

The perfect options for mono earrings are usually bigger, elongated pieces. If their construction is made up of multiple chains, then it’s all the better – they freely move around with the wearer showing motion, being almost like kinetic ring jewellery.



This autumn, it will supposedly be fashionable to decorate not only the lobes but also the entire surface of the ear. Given this trend, brands have shown spectacular armor-like cuffs, as well as scattering mini-versions of jewellery along the ear surface. Stella McCartney presented gold cuffs with pearls that repeat the curves of the ear, Vivetta opted for a romantic ornament with a plant theme, and Alexander McQueen offered earrings with simple geometric lines.

Of course, cuffs will not be necessary if the earrings themselves be grand and take up a lot of space. As you can see, this season, there’s a lot of attention given to pompous, exaggerated pieces, which goes in line with the current popularity of kinetic jewellery.

How to Choose Earrings?

Of course, your overall style and look purpose are all major factors when choosing earrings for yourself. Professional photography will also help you be sure of your choice. So, you can check the marvelous guide on how to make beautiful photography of earrings. However, nothing is as important as the shape of your head and specifically your face. Considering that over a half of modern women buy jewellery for themselves and that going out to brick-and-mortar stores is dangerous nowadays, here’s a small guide on how to pick a matching pair of earrings for yourself easily.

Round Face

What earrings will fit a round face, you better give up the convex earrings and Congo-style earrings: visually they make the face wider. Suitable for a round face long earrings-pendants and earrings-chain of weights at the end, thanks to which the face looks already. For example, you can think of the Royal Jubilee Earrings or Bullet Earrings from Sybarite Jewellery.

 A Detailed Look at Earring Options for Summer-Autumn 2021

The weight shifts the emphasis to the neck and "stretches" the face, emphasizing the chin line and making it more elongated. The length of the jewellery should be to the middle of the neck, no more, otherwise, the effect will "grease". Properly positioned weight emphasizes the smile, and it is in women with a round face, usually pleasant.

Narrow, Elongated face

Earrings for an elongated face Large round earrings look good, as well as in the form of triangles or squares. They make the face more expressive. Do not experiment with pendant-type earrings.

Square, Wide Face

Small earrings are not yours. For a square face, three-dimensional long oval earrings are good (but not round – they will make the face "wider"). Pendants with shimmering stones will look especially impressive.

Triangular Face

Triangular face earrings Do not wear triangular earrings. They emphasize the pointed chin and "expand" the cheekbones. It is better to choose oval or round earrings. They will soften the sharp contours of the face and make it more harmonious. The ideal option - "carnations" with shimmering stones.

Oval Face

What earrings will fit the oval face Earrings of any shape will fit the oval face. Owners of oval face type need to choose jewellery based on what they want to emphasize:

  • neck – choose long earrings.
  • lips – choose large round earrings to accentuate the smile.
  • visually highlight makeup, especially blush – pick up triangular jewellery.

If you have a short haircut, then round silver earrings with pearls or other stones will help to create a particularly interesting image.