Dressing Vintage: 5 Simple Tips to Avoid Looking Costumey
March 01, 2022

Dressing Vintage: 5 Simple Tips to Avoid Looking Costumey

A common worry for a lot of people who are dipping their toes in the vintage world is that they might look costumey. Of course, there is nothing wrong with looking like an extra from a period drama, but we can understand that this might not be what you want to get out of vintage clothes.

Thankfully, we have some simple tips on wearing vintage clothes and avoiding looking like you are on your way to a fancy dress party!

Find The Right Sources

An important part of vintage clothing is finding the right sources for your outfits. Whether you are shopping at a vintage online store or going around the thrift shops in town, make sure you are looking for your vintage clothes in reliable places.

This is because a lot of vintage clothing can look costumey. After all, well, they are. If you are not buying true vintage, but rather replicas, it can throw off your whole look. Cheap retro-style garments can be tempting at first, but you need to go genuine to curate the vintage look!

By buying proper vintage, you are buying high-quality, wearable goods. Because of the quality, you will lessen the risk of looking like you are wearing a fancy dress.

Mix Vintage With Modern

Of course, wearing head to toe vintage is great fun, but an entire period outfit might run the risk of you looking like you are in a costume.

This means that mixing vintage with modern is a great way of embracing the past but keeping the look fresh. Pick out your favorite vintage garms and try them out with modern high-street pieces.

Have you got an 80s silk shirt that you adore? Have a go at styling it with a pair of skinny jeans and chunky boots. Wear your beloved 1960s fur coat with a modern mini dress! Match your 50s poodle skirt with your favorite band and sneakers T-shirt.

Mix and match your vintage with your modern until you find the perfect outfit that nods to the past but keeps the look on-trend.

Wear Vintage Clothes That Are Currently Trending

Vintage trends come in and out of style. Right now, there are loads of 70s inspired pieces on the high street, and loads of fashionistas are rocking wavy prints in browns and oranges.

Because 70s fashion is currently very popular, wearing vintage 70s garments will look incredibly on-trend without sacrificing any retro vibes. Plus, wearing second-hand vintage garms means you will probably not bump into anyone with the same outfit as you!

Keep an eye on current trends with resources like RetroGeekery and match your vintage clothes accordingly.

Follow Your Style

If you are new to vintage dress, you might feel that you have to match your clothing ‘correctly .’For example, you may think you got to be wearing your funky seventies blouse with a pair of flares.

But, there are no rules when it comes to dressing vintage. You don’t have to follow a certain era throughout a whole outfit.

Think about your own personal style and what colors and pieces you like to wear. Have a look at online vintage stores and see what clothes stand out for you. You may think that you want to dress the 60s, but after looking online, you might actually fall in love with a 70s jumpsuit that you totally need for your wardrobe.

Keep your mind open and follow what your heart is telling you.

Stick With Modern Hair, Makeup, and Accessories

It may be tempting to match your 50s dress with Marilyn Monroe curls and bright red lippy, but this is definitely going to run the risk of you looking like you are heading to a fancy dress party.

When wearing vintage garms, stick with modern hair and makeup. Keeping the makeup subtle will provide you with a laid-back look, letting your outfit do all the talking. Wear your hair how you feel comfortable with it, and don’t worry about if it matches the outfit or not!

Similarly, picking out modern accessories that work well with your vintage look means that you can keep your outfit fresh. Bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry don’t have to be vintage to work with your retro clothes. Matching a 50s dress with a modern pair of heels and a new belt is a sure-fire way of avoiding the dreaded costumey look. Similarly, an 80s abstract print skirt can look great with a pair of Converse and a gold chain necklace.

Feel Confident Wearing Vintage!

There is no need to worry about wearing vintage and looking costumey anymore! You can style your vintage garments with a modern twist with these top tips, keeping your outfits on-trend and wearable.

Feel confident wearing vintage, and embrace whatever style you suits!