Men’s Simplified Guide to Wearing Accessories
January 05, 2021

Men’s Simplified Guide to Wearing Accessories

Men are just like women. They also love accessories. To be honest, men wore more luxurious accessories in the past. Why? Because only men can afford it.

Nowadays, accessories are more affordable and available. Almost every man has something added to their daily outfit. The small add-ons reflect on their personality and feeling.

There are various types of accessories men love to wear. Some men prefer subtle accessories, while others wear extravagant ones. Get to know more about it as we give you insights into the world of accessories for men.

List of Must-Have Men’s Accessories

Men wear accessories based on their clothing. Any small things added to their outfit makes it more unique. But be careful, this tiny detail, when worn wrong, can break the whole look. Use this guide to choose the best men’s accessories that complement the entire attire.


Jewelry is a personal ornament that contains precious metals or stones. This accessory emphasizes social status based on the type, style, and shape.

Bracelets. Men’s most trending accessory. Bracelets improve your casual or formal attire significantly. It enhances and completes the persona of your outfit. Wear a bracelet separately or combine it to create a classy set.

Rings. Before, men only wear one wedding band as a ring. But as men become more fashionable, they start to wear it as an accessory. This small accessory has an enormous visual impact on men’s overall fashion.

Necklaces. Men usually receive necklaces as a gift. The most used is with a cross-shaped pendant. Some wear solid chain necklaces without a pendant. It can be a combination of gold and silver or separately.


Watches are the most popular accessories common to men. It does not only show time but status as well. Furthermore, it adds a visual element.

When men choose a watch, they take note of functionality and fashion.

Automatic Watch works without a battery. The mechanism uses the hand motion to keep it going. Often, it works like the mechanism of a mechanical watch. Start and reload the wristwatch without any hand motion.

If you are in the market for a new automatic watch, be sure to check out this list of 14 great options. There are plenty of automatic watches on the market that won’t break your budget. You don't have to spend a ton of money in order for you to get a stylish and high-quality watch. The 14 Best Affordable Automatic Watches Under $1000 will give you some good options so you can find the perfect timepiece for yourself or as a gift!

Mechanical Watch is like an automatic watch - you don’t need a battery to run. But it needs winding the spring to start. If the winding stops, the wristwatch stops also. Mechanical watches don’t use hand motion.

Analog Watch is the cheapest type of watch. It operates with a standard supermarket battery. Also, it requires little maintenance. Battery replacement is not included. Nevertheless, it is more durable and has fairly accurate movements - no wonder it’s men’s favorite accessories.

Digital Watch uses standard supermarket batteries. Sometimes, it uses a rechargeable battery. The display shows a modern digital screen, unlike the traditional ones. Smartwatches are the most popular digital watch nowadays.

You can also modify your watches to fit your style more. There are even forums about Seiko mods. Some buy new skx007 case, colorful dials, unique watch hands, and even transparent back cases. If you like personalized accessories, a watch is a perfect place to start.


Men’s sunglasses are must-have accessories for men, especially during summer. It pairs up entirely on your outfit.

Round Sunglasses is now the current fashion. The round shape always looks good in the eyes. Regardless of the form of a face, it still provides a photogenic look.

Vintage Sunglasses recently gained popularity. It is now a trend in social media. Gen Z takes it to another level by posting their vintage glasses vibe on Instagram and Twitter.

Beach Sunglasses are perfect for traveling. A must-have for travelers who go on vacation in hot, sunny weather with beautiful beaches.

Classic Sunglasses can either be affordable and expensive. Wayfarer, pilot, and club masters sunglasses are the most affordable. Classic sunglasses suit well on most occasions.


Wallets are the most common men’s accessories - they hold your cash. No maintenance is needed. However, with the online transactions booming, wallets lose their primary functionality. Instead, it keeps your cards and personal IDs.


Wearing a hat is quite hard to pull. Not all men have that confidence. But trying it out has no loss at all. A classic baseball cap or a fedora is a perfect topper for any attire.

A hat is more of a statement piece. It adds a full dose of personality without too much effort.


Working men wear belts as an everyday accessory. It keeps your pants up while making a fashion statement. Choose the best belt that fits the size and outfit perfectly.

Suit Accessories

Although it is not every day that men wear suits, complementing suit accessories is a must-have. Suit accessories are the most underrated accessory for men.

Ties and Bow Ties. These two give a sleek and dapper look. Pick ties for formal events, while bow ties for smart casual and evening events.

Tie Clips and Cufflinks. These accessories are not mandatory to wear. But having one gives an extra look - perfect gentleman.

Pocket Squares are the best finish for suits. It is now part of men’s fashion statement. Furthermore, pocket squares are handy when with sad women. Offer it to them to dry their tears.

Step up the handsome look with these men’s accessories. Wear it one at a time or pair it up with others, depending on the occasion.

Guide In Wearing Men’s Accessories

Wearing men’s accessories is essential. It brings out the best in you in a subtle way. Achieve the look by following this guide.

Keep It Simple

Never overdo it with accessories, or else you’ll look like a Christmas tree. Wearing two rings on every finger, a hat, and a watch is too much. Make it simple. A necklace and a ring on your finger will do. Don’t overcrowd your head.

Pick Three Main Colours

The three main colors look clean and sexy. More than that is hard to carry. You’ll have a hard time complementing your palette, or worst you’d look like united colors.

Fit It With Your Clothes

This one is easy. Wear accessories according to your outfit. A tie will not fit with a t-shirt. The same goes for a belt on your sweatpants. Use a mirror for proper visualization.

Any men’s accessories can make or break your look. Be fashionable and wisely when choosing which would pair perfectly with your attire. Don’t forget to think if it suits the occasion.

Men wear accessories for various reasons. Some men wear it to improve their self-confidence, while others choose a specific piece to reflect their personality. Whichever purpose an addition works for, always think of its functionality. Buying a cufflink even though you don’t have a suit at home is unnecessary. Watches are most famous for a reason - minimalist.

Men’s Simplified Guide to Wearing Accessories