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The Best Men's Bracelets You Can Buy

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Best Men's Bracelets You Can Buy

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Stacking your wrist with a collection of bracelets for men is one of the easiest and most impactful ways of adding to your personal style. Punch up even the simplest of outfits with a statement men’s bracelet, or simply bring a little visual interest to your looks with a curation of eclectic wrist styles. Here is a guide to finding and styling the best men’s bracelets…

What to consider when you’re shopping…

Bracelet Style

Firstly you’ll want to determine what style of bracelet you’re going for. In order to find something that you’re going to get your fair share of wear out of, you are going to need to shop according to personal taste. Consider your closet, what is it that you like to wear on a daily basis?

If you’re seeing a ton of quality basic styles and simple pieces, you're likely more of a minimalist. Perhaps your day-to-day is super formal, with plenty of sharp tailoring and suits going on. If that’s the case, you’ll want to channel an expensive, sculptural style. By shopping according to your pre-existing taste, you’re guaranteeing that your bracelet is going to blend seamlessly into your wardrobe.


Materials make all the difference. The most popular options you’ll come across when shopping for men’s bracelets include:

Leather: This is a great option for those who are looking to bring an eye-catching, rustic touch of character to their outfits. Leather cuffs and woven styles are bohemian, comfortable and look better with every wear. Perfect for maximum impact.

Metal: Metal bracelets are undoubtedly the most classic, high quality and timeless option. Choose from worn, unfinished sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold for a slick, sophisticated addition to your ensemble.

Gemstone: If you’re a creative person who craves color, then you’ll want to stick to gemstone jewelry. Men’s bracelets with purple gemstone accents will add color and character to your wrist without going overboard. 

Woven Fabric: Woven bracelet styles come in lots of materials including leather, suede or dense linen. This is a more casual option for off duty style, great for layering with metal bracelets to tone down their feel.


Color can refer to the hues you opt for within the embellishments on your bracelet, or the undertone of the material itself. Consider the undertone that you veer towards on a daily basis to make the most practical choice.

If you prefer cooler whites, grays, blues and greens, then you’re likely to suit silver, white gold and colder hues. Maybe you’re more into the creams, browns, beiges and reds? Rich chocolate leather, yellow golds and warm tints will fit you best. If you like to switch it up rather than stick to a palette, look for neutral tones and sterling silver - these suit everything!

The best styles to explore…


Silver Bracelets

silve bracelet

Hammered and textured silver styles are ideal for adding sophistication and refined style to all of your looks. A silver bracelet will elevate your casual wear and enhance the sharp feel of your business attire.

Beaded Bracelets

Metal beaded bracelets are the perfect midpoint between sophisticated style and the eclectic bohemian aesthetic. Shop for chunky, unfinished beaded bracelets to add just the right amount of edge to any look. These also layer flawlessly and, if you shop for quality, last forever, so they’re definitely one to invest in.

Cuff Styles

The men’s cuff will never go out of style. Shop for leather, fabric or metal cuffs for a maximalist enhancement to your off duty dressing.

The Best Men's Bracelets You Can Buy