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Dress Your Graphic Tees Up or Down with These Styling Tips

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Graphic tees are a modern wardrobe staple. They're an opportunity to express your taste in music, movies, and television, plus they're comfy and affordable. What's not to like?

If you're thinking that the only things you can wear with your graphic tees are jeans and cutoffs, think again. Graphic tees are surprisingly versatile. You can glam them up for the office or the club, or dress them down for a day on the couch. A tuck here, a knot there, the right jacket and the right accessories are all you need to take your graphic tees to the next level. Here are the styling tips you need to make it happen. 

Try a Tuck

Everything old is new again, including tucked-in t-shirts. Graphic tees tucked into wideleg jeans, glamorous tailored pants, or a long A-line skirt makes for a stylish look that calls back to the vintage fashion of the 50s and the 90s. 

Learn some of the different ways you can tuck your graphic tees in, so you can freshen up your look every day and stay on trend. There's the classic tuck, of course, but the French tuck, also known as the front tuck, is hot right now. You can use a faux tuck to take some length off an oversized tee, or do a knot-and-tuck for the cropped look that displays your midriff. You can even tuck the hem of your graphic tee into your bra for a faux cropped tee look. 

Tie a Knot

There are so many different ways you can knot a graphic tee to add that little bit of je ne sais quoi to your look. Twist up the hem of your graphic tee and tie into a square knot at the front or on the side. For a less bulky knot, gather two sections of your t-shirt hem and tie them together, leaving two bunny ears of fabric to hang down on either side of the knot. For a ruched look, use a rubber band or hair tie to gather a knot of fabric on the inside of your t-shirt, so that the outside of your shirt seems to ripple outward from the knot in the center. 

Play around with positioning -- get creative and try a knot in the back or on the side of your shirt. Whatever you choose, knotting your tees can give an oversized shirt a more fitted appearance, and creates a hot-but-approachable look that wears well whether you're in the grocery store or the nightclub. Pair your knotted tee with a high-waisted bottom, especially one with some detailing around the waist or a cut and pattern worth showing off. 

Dress Your Graphic Tees

Wear It with Leather

There's a nip to the air this time of year, so why not rub some leather conditioner into your leather motorcycle jacket and hit the town? A graphic tee, a pair of Doc Martens, and a pair of jeans completes the look. 

Don't have a leather jacket? Tuck your favorite graphic tee into a leather mini skirt or a pair of leather pants. Accessorize with a lock necklace and some safety pin earrings.

Layer Up

Graphic tees are perfect for layering, making them a strong year-round wardrobe staple. Layer your graphic tees under a denim jacket or your favorite cardigan. Dress for autumn mornings with a graphic tee layered under a sweater or sweatshirt that you can throw off when the temperature rises midday. Throw on a quirky blazer paired with a colorful pair of plaid slacks or a striped skirt. Because you can buy a graphic tee in just about any color, it's easy to match one to just about any pattern or hue in your closet. 

Head to the Office 

Graphic tees aren't just for casual Fridays anymore. Today's fashion-conscious office drones are pairing graphic tees with tailored pants and monochrome pantsuits for a smart look that transitions easily from day to night. The structure provided by blazers and slacks gives the ensemble a polished veneer, while the colors and patterns of your graphic tees adds a comfortable, casual, and fun core. The look says you're good at your job, but you have a great personality, too.

Your graphic tees may be the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, so don't limit yourself to only wearing them with jeans and sweatpants. Whether you're going on a date, to the office, or out to run errands, your favorite graphic tees can come along, because you can style them creatively for any occasion. 

Dress Your Graphic Tees Up