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Discover the Most Fashionable Punjabi Suits

For those women who are committed to honoring their culture and traditions and who also love staying fashionable, there are great ways to do so when looking for Punjabi suits.

For those unsure of what a Punjabi suit is – it's a traditional and iconic women’s outfit from India that is also known as salwar kameez.

Worn by women of all ages, Punjabi suits originate from the Mughal era. While the design has changed over time, today, it is still a popular fashion item throughout the Indian diaspora – in part because it is so comfortable and adaptable.

The Punjabi suit has three separate components. The first is the top garment which is traditionally known as the kameez or kurta.

This item is typically designed to be long-sleeved and knee-length. It also has seams split open below the navel.

The second component is the salwar, or what is traditionally known as the Patiala. This is a loose, wide, and comfy pair of pants that has pleating at the waist as well as a drawstring so that the item can be adjusted for the most comfort. The third item is a long scarf which is either known as a dupatta or odhani.

This item is typically folded over the shoulders and can be worn around the neck or over the head. How you decide to wear it is highly dependent on personal preference.

Fashionable Punjabi Suits

Pick the Proper Fabric

When determining the design of your Punjabi suit, the fabric is everything. One of the wonderful things about this outfit is that the fabric options are limitless: cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, crepe, and velvet.

Most agree that the ideal material for a suit that is intended for everyday wear is either cotton or linen. These breathable textiles provide the largest comfort while maintaining a fashionable look with your punjabi suit.

If you are planning to attend a more formal occasion, you might instead decide to opt for silk, velvet, chiffon, georgette, crepe, or chanderi, as these materials will give your suit the sophisticated and charming feel and flair that it deserves.

Oftentimes these materials are best for weddings, sangeets, and festivals.

Put Your Spin on Your Punjabi Suit

One of the things that many Punjabi designer suits are meant to showcase is their one-of-a-kind expressions.

Many choose to use these suits as an opportunity to show off rich embellishments, intriguing designs and decorations, and unique expressions of self.

While designer suits are created with the intention of drawing inspiration from India’s rich tradition of artisanal crafts, fabrics, and methods, many brides use this opportunity to express their uniqueness.

Whether you love bright colors or rich fabrics, you will have fun pulling together a look that is all your own.

Accessories for Punjabi Suit

In addition to choosing the materials, you will also need to pick some accessories to accompany your suit.

Designers recommend complementing the beautiful thread patterns in the material with appropriate Indian jewelry.

These items might include pearl necklaces, kundan necklaces, polki earrings, terracotta necklaces, or rusted necklace sets.

These items might also be complemented with a printed cotton purse or an embroidery tote in matching colors and motifs – especially if you are wearing your Punjabi suit as an everyday item. Designers agree that it is important to match all the colors and patterns so that it feels as though your outfit has a harmonizing effect.

Picking the right threads, materials, and accessories that complement one another is very important regardless of the occasion.

Whether you are wearing your Punjabi suit for your everyday duties, a party, wedding, or festival, it is important to ensure that your accessories reinforce the distinctive and unique yet comfy and stylish look you are aiming for.

Wedding Punjabi Suit Trends

What about the popular trends of the moment? While the Punjabi suit has always been a popular and stylish item among people in northern India, more recently, it has attracted the eyes and attention of global designers and celebrities throughout the world.

And as each designer takes it up and experiments with what is a traditional garment, they tend to add their own flavor to it.

As it stands, there are many current Punjabi fashion trends at play. Many current designers use the suit to experiment – whether that be adding different hemlines, additional slits or asymmetrical slits only on one side, a set of side trails, and zippers to the garment immediately above the waist.

By adding this modern twist to a traditional garment, designers are adding what makes them unique and special.

And so, whether you are looking to create a Punjabi suit that is more simple for everyday usage or incredibly colorful and fashionable for an important life event, we encourage you to be brave and experiment so that you can make your suit a unique reflection of who you are.