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Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Women

No longer are most office dress codes limited to bulky shoulder pads and boring pencil skirts. Our article ‘7 Things You Should Consider Wearing in the Workplace’, discussed how many offices are now a lot more liberal in terms of culture, and this has trickled down to employee attire.

With all these changes, we've also had to redefine our meaning of "business casual." The term has always been a little hazy, especially for women in the workplace, but just think of this style as the perfect marriage between casual and polished.

That said, balance is key for this ambiguous way of dressing — which is why it can also be quite fun to experiment with on a daily basis. Here are a few outfit ideas for you to add to your workwear rotation.

Button-down and Pumps

The button-down and pumps combination is a simple, but enduring classic. This type of outfit means there's no need to change into your post-work look after grinding from 9 to 5, but make sure to choose pumps in a vibrant shade if you're looking to spice up your ensemble. 

These Christian Louboutin pumps in blue add a subtle pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit, while the pointed tip detail lends some undeniable luxury.

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Credit: Meagan's Moda

Cashmere Sweater and Trousers

Cashmere sweaters are a spring staple, but they're versatile enough to be worn all year round — even at the office. They work well with most bottoms, but why not inject a little more pizzazz with these leather trousers from Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti?

Business casual outfits for women

Credit: Who What Wear

Blazer and Jeans

The rise of business casual dress codes means that jeans aren't just for the weekend anymore. Woman Within’s array of denim jeans put plenty of emphasis on comfort, making them ideal for busy days hopping from meeting to meeting.

They're stylish enough on their own, but you can elevate your ensemble by throwing on a blazer. After all, nobody says you have to choose between comfort and style, and this combination easily exudes both.

Business casual outfits for women

Credit: GQ Magazine

Wrap Dress

Shift dresses are the vanilla of office dressing. It's a safe choice that you can never really go wrong with, but it's nice to switch it up every now and then. Shift dresses are one of the most popular trends as of late — and for good reason!

The cut flatters almost every body type, and it shows just the right amount of skin. This Cefinn satin wrap midi dress comes in a funky print that is sure to make you the life of the office.

Business casual outfits for women

Credit: Cefinn

Button-down and Skirt

We couldn't include the essential button-down just once. But of course, do note that not all of them are made equally, especially when you're looking to wear one with a skirt for a long workday.

Everlane's selection of button-down shirts are an internet favourite, thanks to their luxurious silk fabric and relaxed fit. Simply pair it with your skirt of choice and you're good to go.

business casual outfits for women


Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Women