An Ultimate Guide for Buying African Waist Beads
November 01, 2022

An Ultimate Guide for Buying African Waist Beads

African Waist Beads come in different colors and sizes. Every color of beads and every stone or crystal has a significant meaning. The women in all African countries wear one or more waist beads around their waist throughout their life.

The African women consider waist beads as a part of African culture for several centuries. Wearing the African waist beads adds more love, comfort, happiness and positivity in the wearer's life. This is the main reason for which African waist beads are popular among millions of women in African countries and other countries of the world.

An Ultimate Guide for Buying African Waist Beads

African Waist Beads are made of high quality beads, stones, crystals, charms, pearls and a nylon string to hold them all together. Most African women tie waist beads to attract their partners and increase sensuality in their married life. The African waist beads have many other advantages to offer but you need to choose the waist beads carefully.

The African Waist Beads are available in many different colors with different beads, stones and charms. It is important to choose the African waist beads that offer everything you need in your life. Here I provide an ultimate guide to help you choose the most suitable African waist beads for yourself.


You should check the size of African Waist Beads you want to buy. Here, size refers to total length of the waist beads that should be a bit longer than your natural waist size. You should prefer to buy high quality African waist beads in your size and avoid the smaller sizes that won't fit on your body.

String Material:

The Original African Waist Beads are made with either a nylon string or a cotton string. But nowadays, the waist beads makers use polyester, elastic and other materials as a string for waist beads. If you want a non-stretchy African waist beads then choose a set of waist beads made with either nylon or cotton.

In case you want African waist beads that stretch with your stomach or waist, you should choose the waist beads with an elastic thread.

Beads Color:

Beads Colors play an important role in African Waist Beads and the wearer's life. The green beads increase fertility, while the purple beads help with spirituality. You should check the Meaning and Significance of African Waist Beads to choose a suitable set of waist beads in right color for yourself.

Stone and Charms:

The African Waist Beads contain various color beads, stones, charms and crystals. The stones and charms also have some meaning that direct affect the wearer's life. The Evil Eye Stones provide protection from negativity, while Rose Quartz Stones help in love, compassion and healing. You should choose the African Waist Beads with stones and charms that fulfill your current needs in life.

Closure Type:

The African women tie their waist beads manually with tying multiple knots. But the latest waist beads come with clasps and buckle locks that are more convenient for the wearer. So, you should choose the waist beads with clasps/buckle to put them on and off easily. In case you want to wear your African waist beads 24x7 them go for the traditional waist beads with manual closure system.

In this way, you can choose the most convenient African Waist Beads for yourself and wear them comfortably on your waist for 24 hours a day.