The Fascinating Secret Power of the Evil Eye Necklace
July 28, 2020

The Fascinating Secret Power of the Evil Eye Necklace

It isn’t always possible for successful individuals to steer clear of the jealous and envious glares. These malevolent gazes, often termed as the evil eye curses, target negative and ominous energies towards unwitting individuals, eventually inflicting pain and misfortune upon them. 

Despite being a curse, the evil eye, as an object, is considered a trendy talisman, capable of protecting a person from these negative projections. Not just that, wearing the evil eye as an amulet, bracelet, pendant, or necklace helps ward off the glares while reflecting the same, back to the gawker. 

The Fascinating Secret Power of the Evil Eye Necklace

The Protective Power of the Evil Eye

The concept of Evil Eye as a protective symbol has been around since the dawn of humanity, working hand in hand with other measures to ward off ill-sentiments and negative vibes. However, the adoption of this symbol as an international fashion trend is a comparatively new approach. Not just that, it is the concept of the evil eye necklace that has received a majority of attention in the past few years.

Unlike a bracelet, amulet, or a piece of clothing with the symbol on it, an evil eye necklace stares the onlooker right in the eye. This way, it becomes possible to reflect the negativity, right before it even reaches you. Besides that, the fascinating power of an evil eye necklace isn’t restricted to keeping the threats at bay. There are several evil eye colors, best characterized by relevant necklaces, thereby targeting specific human emotions, traits, and benefits.

As a symbol, the evil eye meaning isn’t restricted to threat mitigation but also encompasses the wider purview of physical and mental well-being. The essence of the benefits depends on the color of the evil eye necklace that you are donning. For instance, dark blue is all about fate and karmic protection whereas orange evil eye necklace aims at rekindling commitment, motivation, and happiness.

Not just that, the meaning and concept of the evil eye as a protective measure is underrated as the amulet or the concerned symbol brings a lot to the table than just keeping the dangers at bay. Necklaces flaunting light blue symbols and pendants are precisely manufactured for peace and solitude where the inclusion of red symbolizes courage. Dark green, on the other hand, renders balance and the brown evil eye maintains order in your life. 

The Undying Popularity of the Evil Eye Symbol

Lately, there has been an influx in the adoption of the evil eye symbol as a fashion trend among celebrities. Be it Elie Saab infusing symbols within motifs or Gigi Hadid coming up with a shoe brand called EyeLove, the concept of the Evil Eye as a positive karmic influence or a symbol for ensuring mental and physical well-being is slowly getting the deserved popularity. 

Then again, nothing beats the aesthetics and the targeting power of an evil eye necklace that sits right onto the neckline as a single chain of energy exchange from the metaphysical world to the psyche.