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Airbrush vs. Spray Tan: The Differences Will Stun You!

We've highlighted the differences of airbrush vs spray tan, so you can decide which is best for you!  What are you waiting for? Get glowing, girl!

Airbrush vs. Spray Tan: The Differences Will Stun You!

Sunless tanning is one of the hottest trends right now in the wellness industry.

With benefits that range from a healthy, natural glow to the ability to contour areas of your body, why wouldn’t you get a sunless tan?

However, when it comes to airbrush vs. spray tan, there are a few differences.

Understanding those could be the difference between a stellar bronzed body this summer or a lacklustre tan that leaves you feeling less than confident.

Airbrush vs. Spray Tan: What Exactly Are They?

Airbrush tanning involves an expert who meticulously sprays the tanning solution all over your body.

You get a spray tan in a spray tan booth. Nozzles shoot out the tanning solution and you’re told when to turn around. While you can choose the intensity of your tan, it’s not as customizable as an airbrush tan.

Because you have someone essentially airbrushing your tan on, the difference between airbrush and spray tan results is huge.

For men who care about their appearance, airbrush tanning is becoming even more popular as it allows them to choose where to highlight muscles on their body. There is also self-applied tanning lotion that you can experiment with if you are new to tanning and want a beginner introduction instead. Here's a list of the best indoor tanning lotion to help you get a general idea of how to tan your body properly in the comfort of your home.  

However, you’ll want to avoid the Friends mishap that left Ross a few shades more orange than expected. To avoid this, just get an airbrush tan!

Understanding the Spray Tan Difference

Spray tans are a little more widely known in the tanning industry simply because they’ve been around for longer. They’re also a little more convenient as they’re easier and faster to book.

However, the spray tan cons are numerous when compared to airbrush tanning. For example, a spray tan won’t:

  • Reach concealed areas of your body. The most noticeable airbrush tan vs spray tan difference is the fact that the spray doesn’t reach hard-to-see areas of your body when it’s applied in a tanning booth. This means that your armpits and inner thighs might remain super white.
  • Contour to your body. If you need more of a tan on your legs than your back, a spray tan won’t cover this. A qualified airbrush tanner will be able to assess your tanning needs and airbrush on accordingly.
  • Encourage 100% cleanliness. Airbrush tanning doesn’t require you to stand in a booth that’s used by others. Spray tanning isn’t always 100% hygienic, even if the tanning salon is diligent about cleaning it.

Simply put, if you care about your appearance and are putting time and money into enhancing your look, you’ll want to opt for a more even tan.

Safe Sunless Tanning

Regardless of where you stand in the airbrush vs. spray tan debate, it’s great that you’re considering sunless tanning options.

These types of tanning solutions are better for your health and can leave you with a natural glow. To even out that glow, however, try opting for an airbrush tan.

Consider it a self-care treat for you and your body.

To compliment your glow, try checking out our grooming guide to ensure your whole ensemble is on point.

Airbrush vs. Spray Tan: The Differences Will Stun You!