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The Ultimate Guide To Men's Grooming. Hairstyles, Beards, Manicure And More

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  • Classy, but not artificial.
  • Laid back, but not lazy.
  • Groomed, but not painted.

That is what every ubersexual today aims to be. Unfortunately, the days of the cavemen are long gone. Not caring a dime about one’s hair or skin or nails is no longer considered sexy.

But don't worry if you have to spare an hour or two from that well-deserved long weekend taking care of things you hadn’t even noticed before. A grooming regime is the pet name of both a health regime and a self-pampering regime.

So sit back, scroll down the pages of this guide, and let us tell you how to pamper yourself.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #hairstyle #beard #manicure #pedicure

  • What Grooming Essentially Means

Most people tend to freak out a little when they hear about this entire grooming circus. Considering that very little is known about men’s side of the grooming universe, it is not a surprise that anyone will blow this out of proportions. So before we begin here is a little dictionary of grooming language:

  • The Basics
  • Grooming: basically, an umbrella term for all the activities that are involved in giving a person a cleaner, tidier and sexier appearance from head to toe, but this is not inclusive of clothes and shoes. Grooming adds to the bathroom closet, but not to the wardrobe.
  • Bat Wings: this can mean two things-
1. A fleshy forearm with more fat than muscle.
2. A sweaty imprint of the crotch area on the underwear and sometimes, far more embarrassingly on the suit pants and jeans. This results from excessive sweating and moisture on the crotch area.
  • Mampering: a rather sexist term, which means a man pampering himself. But then, as they say, charity begins at home.
  • Ubersexual: A man completely confident of his masculinity and sexuality, unabashed by the stigma against men who indulge in grooming. A highly-appreciated millennial trend, ubersexuals are basically people who go into self-indulgence (grooming and shopping) sprees for their own happiness, rather than to impress or attract others. All in all, ubersexuals are the new cool guys on the block.
  • Bacne: acne, on the back.

This is a monstrous guide on men's grooming with 6000+ words. So, if you want to save it to read later click button below to download now. (It's free!) FREE DOWNLOAD NOW            

  • The Specifics 
  1. MANicure: a man getting his nails done, which basically involves a proper, hygienic sanitation regime where the nails are properly cleansed and moisturised. No, it has nothing to do with women. No, it is not “pansy” like. If anything, it will save you the trouble of intestinal infections. So don’t let the stereotypes tell you otherwise.
  2. Man-scaping: the act of shaving body hair. Visit
  3. Tan-contouring: uneven tan lines on the skin is the most natural thing to happen, considering most men tend to avoid sunscreen. Tan contouring consists of a process that evens out the tan on the skin, especially on the face.
  4. Widow’s Peak: A V-shaped growth of hair towards the centre of the forehead.
  5. Five Head: Exposure to a lot of space on the forehead when the hair is combed back. It makes a man appear balder and often gives the illusion of the lack of a widow’s peak. If all five fingers fit when you put your palm on your forehead with the fingers directly (and horizontally) above your eyes after you have combed your hair back, you most probably have a fivehead.
  6. Brotox: sort of a sexist term, but basically means men going in for Botox. And if any man believes that heading for Botox is the right thing to do, let no stereotype, no overbearing fashion magazine and no high-handed elitist society stop them from doing what they think will make them look best, and ultimately make them happy.
  7. Manpunzel: a man with long hair or beard.
  8. Pitting Out: Excessive sweating, bad odour and/or yellow patches on or near the underarms. Considered one of the most repulsive things in men, this is the area that often requires a lot of work.
  9. Zorts: large blemishes on the skin, often bigger in size than zits.
  10. Nose trails: hair hanging out from the nostrils, most often a huge turn-off for women.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #hairstyle #beards 

  • Battling the Issues

Even before sketching out a grooming calendar it is important to face the two basic issues that most men face during this.

  • Expenditure

The grooming industry is sadly considered more a luxury than a necessity when in actuality it should be considered the latter because it has a lot to do with health. The expenses that one might have to face at a salon are therefore quite cruel on the pocket.

If it helps, think of it this way: foot messages can fight insomnia and headaches, manicures can cure intestinal infections, timely haircuts reduce risks of male pattern balding. A grooming regime is just the pet name of a health regime, and all the expenses are an investment on a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Social Stigma

Stereotypes are boring, entirely antithetical to a healthy lifestyle and an unfortunate byproduct of society. Anyone who tries to impose a stereotype on a man just because they take care of themselves is a toxic person.

And trust us, if you look your absolute best you would turn a number of heads, theirs included.

  • The Grooming Circus


An issue of the mop of the head is quite obviously an issue of self-esteem. As a matter of fact, even psychiatrists have bowed to the majesty of the mighty mane, as it turns out most men associate their hair with their masculinity. No risks are welcome when it comes to the mane, no problems taken lightly.

Managing the mane is no mean feat. There are so many things that have to be taken into account, the length, the cut, the texture, the amount of gel or shampoo or serum that can be put on it. So let's dedicate this part of the guide to the rescue of the Manpunzel.

2. Beard

Beards talk. They can say much more about a man than what meets the eye. In fact, in a poll conducted online, many women confessed that they often judge how lazy a man is by their beard.

All in all, taking a risk with the beard or being lazy about it is basically grooming suicide. So let's talk about taming the beard.

  1. First and foremost, know the length of beard you are comfortable with and can maintain. If it feels like anything that is too much for you to handle, no matter how much you liked your face with the foliage, let it go. Lousy beard maintenance would ruin the look anyway if there is no time to pamper the beard.
  2. Once a comfortable length of beard has been decided, choose a specific beard style based on the shape of the face.

To help you have the perfect beard that compliments your face the most and is also en vogue at the moment, here is the list of the 5 hottest and sexiest beard styles this season.

  • The Bandholz

Face shapes: oval, diamond, triangle

Messy yet chic, casual yet grungy; that is the bandholz. Depending on the time it takes your beard to grow, the Bandholz will take 5-7 months to appear in its full glory.

A bandholz cut involves the beard hair being longer than 7 cm approximately in the chin and the area around it, and shorter on the sides, so it goes without saying that it is difficult to maintain. Always ensure that it does not look the slightest bit of greasy, that really ruins it.

And a little heads up to anyone one who is thinking about getting the bandholz, if you are ever going to have soup or liquids in public, beware of the droplets that your beard might retain.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #hairstyle #Bandholz #beards

  • The Five-o-clock Shadow

Face shapes: any face shape, except for round

There is a sort of rugged, rustic and manly charm to the five-o-clock shadow, which is basically a just-there stubble. It takes regular maintenance and is genuinely problematic if the person trying to keep it has fast hair growth. 

But then again, the five-o-clock shadow is the ultimate red carpet beard and it has been that since the late 1970’s. And as difficult as it is to make sure that the light stubble on the face looks like a proper shadow beard and not the growth that happened because you were too lazy to shave, it is worth the trouble.

  • The Professional

Face shape: All, looks better if the jaw lines are sharper

This one is a slightly bolder cut than the Five-o-clock shadow and takes a little more maintenance. It is longer, with the beard length being closer to 3-4 cm, but never more. This too has a little grunge appeal to it and has been voted the sexiest beard cut by men and women alike.

The professional beard is also very versatile. So this is the best friend of both the laid back guy and the workaholic as it goes with both very casual and bow tie looks.

  • Captain Jack

Face shapes: Square, oblong, oval, preferably not on faces with a very sharp chin.

The captain jack beard is the perfect cocktail of three elements: a moustache, a goatee and a soul patch. Each of these three requires separate maintenance, but not too much. Captain Jack can also be easily achieved because rather than contouring, a man merely has to clean shave the part between the goatee and the soul patch.

This is a slightly more laid back beard cut, but do the boys love it! Also, always make sure that the ends of the moustache do not hang below the ending point of the goatee, because that makes it look lousy.

  • Van Dyke a.k.a The Sexy Vampire

Face Shapes: Triangular, diamond-shaped, oblong with the jaw length shorter than the length of the temple.

A van dyke is a little bit of a difficult shape to achieve, but if a man can get it right, then a van dyke can make the face look like a piece of art.  It begins as a pointed triangle from the bottom of the lips and continues as a short, pointy beard. It also features a moustache.

There is a certain risqué attached to the look the Van Dyke gives to the face and admittedly, pulling it off with elegance is not an easy job. The key element to the van dyke is confidence, and a sort of “if you have it then flaunt it” attitude. That said, the Van Dyke is one of the sexiest and trendiest beard cuts this season.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #Van Dyke #beards

  • Once the beard style had been decided, maintaining and pampering the beard is one of the most elementary parts of wearing it with confidence. There are a few great beard products in the market that can give the beard the perfect look. Some of these are:
  • Beard Oil: This gives the beard hair more strength and protects it from curling or becoming brittle in wintry environments. This also helps the beard retain just the right amount of moisture in humid conditions. The beard oil nourishes the hair follicle, encouraging hair growth.
  • Moustache Wax: Effective in maintaining the shape of the moustache, this product often comes with varied levels of ‘stiffness’, which entirely depends on the size of the hairs in the moustache. This is particularly helpful as the moustache grows in length.
  • Beard Softener: This helps to reduce the coarseness of the beard hair, giving it a softer texture and fuller appearance. Basically, it works as a leave-in conditioner for the beard.
  • Beard Balm: Unbelievably beneficial to both the beard and the cheeks, beard balm makes beard very easy to style. However, make sure that when you apply it, you do not leave the balm at the root of the beard hair as that makes the hair brittle because the flow of nutrients from the follicle to hair is blocked. Always properly massage the balm.
  • Beard Wash: A sort of shampoo for the beard, very beneficial to healthy beard growth. This should be applied at least once in every week.
  • Hair

Pretty much everything revolves around the mop on the head: attractiveness, manliness, style and of course health. Healthy hair means a healthy body, and there is nothing in the world that tops healthy.

Because it is important to you (and pretty much every onlooker), taking care of hair properly, which involves proper hair styling, cleaning, oiling and many such nitty gritties is absolutely imperative. Here is how you should go with it.

  • The face shape and the hairstyle should be the perfect couple.

The slight variations in the angle of the jaw, or cheekbones, and a lesser known fact: even the shape of the eyebrows can give the illusion of a different face shape than what it actually is.

There are two things that can be done:

One, the easier and safer way is to go seek professional help. You can always ask your stylist what your face shape is. In that case, keep two things in mind: don't go with the verdict of one particular stylist. Ask at least three people, not all of them have to be professional hair stylists. They might as well be people who sport great hairstyles themselves, hairstyles that suit their face shape. Also, remember to take a friend with you when you go for a haircut. The mirror that some stylists often hold up at the back for you to check the haircut at the back of your head may not always be enough to judge how good the cut is. A friend in need here is a friend indeed, as they can give much better feedback.

Two, bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes and observe the face with the scrutinising power of Snow White’s stepmom. All face shapes can be correctly judged from the seven points of the face: two ends of the temple, the two cheekbones, the two sides of the jawline, and finally the chin. This way is slightly riskier, so don't hesitate to ask someone with a great hairstyle to tag along when you try to figure out your face shape.

  • One small trim of the mane, one giant leap for the whole look. Therefore every little dance of the scissor on the hair has to be choreographed with care.

Before jumping into the list of the 5 hottest hairstyles that have taken both the ramps and the streets by storm, here are the two things that must be kept in mind before entering a hair grooming regime.

  • If there is an occasion coming up within the fortnight of the haircut, do not go in for a very risky haircut. For one, there are no chances of compensating for a bad haircut within two weeks. Secondly, the thing that comes after a bad haircut is a hasty decision (indecision rather) to make up for it by shaving certain parts of the head and creating a fade-out effect. This only ruins it more. Steer clear of experimentation with hairstyles before important events.
  • Always, always ask the stylist how much time and product you are going to need to maintain the hairstyle. If it is anything that cannot be maintained within your schedule, no matter how on fleek the hair would have looked with that particular hairstyle, opt out of it. If by hasty maintenance it is ruined once, it takes both time and money to get the hair back to its usual awesome self.
  • The list of happening hairstyles might seem long and confusing, so we have narrowed it down to the 5  most awesome and trendiest hairstyles. Though all of these are rather popular, they are not seen on every other guy on the street, so you can claim your uniqueness. All the hairstyles have been marked by the difficulty of maintenance and face shape it suits the most. Here's to great hair:
  • The Man Bun

Difficulty level: Low to Medium, depending upon the time it takes the hair to grow.

Face Shape: The beauty of the man bun is that it goes with each and every face shape. Also, the more angular the face, the better a man bun looks with a beard.

Getting There: Allow the hair on the crown to grow to at least 7-8 cm to achieve the look. This may take up to 4-5 months or more depending upon how fast the hair grows.

The man bun has endless advantages: the first one being that it is by its very constitution a slightly messy look, so a little hair falling out of the bun is more of a style statement than a styling error. The second one is that because it is a little more grungy than all the other cuts here, not shaving clean for a day or two adds to its charm. The third one: it is the blue-eyed boy of the season. Women, men, designers, everyone loves the man bun.

The reason why it is so loved is this: it is against all stereotypes. And breaking the stereotypes is the flavour of the season.

The Disadvantage: First and foremost, a man with this haircut will have to learn to go to bed with their hair tied up, no matter how inconvenient. Otherwise, you might wake up looking like you have just received an electric shock of considerable wattage if you go to bed with the hair open.

Secondly, not many people can carry off the man bun with formal looks. However, if anyone can do it with confidence, nothing speaks unique and classy like a bun on a man in a suit.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #themanbun #hairstyles

  • The Top Knot

Difficulty level: Medium-difficult, since the hair on the side has to be kept short always.

Face Shape: anyone but round

Getting there: allow the hair to grow to 5 cm before tying it up. Anything more than 5 cm, looks a little too much on the head. Remember it is a knot, not a bun.

Slightly more common than the man bun, and more complicated, the top knot is French Classic by its nationality. It is not easy to maintain, because the sides need to be shaved more regularly to maintain a general fade out into the beard. Also, one cannot uniformly shave the sides because that looks too contrasting to the hair of the crown. A man might just have to learn the art of contouring to maintain this.

The advantage is this: it is far more easy to carry off with a formal look than a man bun. So it is a little more versatile.

The disadvantages are threefold: it is a very sleek look, all in all, so messy hair strands falling off the knot is not good. Secondly, not everyone can twist the knot right. And thirdly, you may have to rush to stylist every 3 weeks to keep it in form.

  • The Beach Wave

Difficulty level: Difficult

Face Shape: Square, Round, Oblong

Getting there: this hairstyle needs love and products. Allow the hair to grow to a maximum of 4 cm at the back, and about 4.5-5 in the front. The hair in the front needs to be wavy, not curly, and side parted. If you can brush it back a little, it gets more fluff and looks more classic.

Classy and laid back, gorgeous and easy going, the beach wave hairstyle is slowly regaining its position as the favourite of the stylists. The major advantage of the beach wave is that it goes with every possible look. The other advantage is that it has a raw magnetism and at the same time an old world charm. The other lesser known advantage: it can effectively hide a fivehead, given the right amount of fluff.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, can be pretty challenging. For one, maintaining the waves if you did not have wavy hair in the first place is a tricky job. It is also time to consume. Secondly, a lot of product needs to be put on the hair to maintain it all through. Not only is that exasperating, it is not very healthy for your hair.

We suggest that the beach wave is kept as the slightly experimental haircut for 3-4 months if the person did not have wavy hair genetically. But for those who have wavy hair, beach wave is sheer gold.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #beards #wavy #hairstyles

  • The Faux Hawk

Difficulty level: easy, although it needs contouring

Face Shape: Almost all face shapes, except if you have a very narrow chin.

Getting there: allow the hair to grow to 4 cm and the faux hawk can be created. The sides need contouring, but not as much as the top knot.

A Faux Hawk quite literally means a fake Mohawk. Because it only borrows the central pompadour style of the Mohawk rather than completely mimicking it, the sides do not need to be shaved off completely. They can be uniformly shaved also, although a little bit contouring from the edge of the pompadour to the beard in a slow fade would complement the look.

There are not many disadvantages to it, except that it is a slightly more informal look and the hair needs to be regularly styled.

  • The Messy Classic

Difficulty level: very easy

Face shapes: all, except broad squarish faces.

Getting there: let the hair grow to 3 cm. This hairstyle is short by definition, so there is not much styling to do. It is not so good for curly hair though, as it is very difficult to pull off a half-neat, half-messy look on curly hair.

This is the most effortless, minimalistic and classic haircut this list features. The only effort that this haircut demand is that it needs to be generally short and one has to find the balance between messy and neat to get this right. The major advantage here is that you need very little product to maintain this.

The disadvantage to this hairstyle, if you are looking for one is that it is comparatively safer than the other haircuts. It is not as experimental. But even that can be cured. A number of men with this haircut are trying to have a messy side parting to make this look sexier, and it has to be said, side parting on the messy classic works like a charm.

  • Once the hairstyle has been decided, the maintenance of the hair is the next imperative part that needs to be understood. Shampoo and gel are the known members of the hair brigade, let's talk about the lesser known products and how to use them:
  • Hair Mousse: Renders hair a just washed sheen, sort of glistening effect but does not add too much blitz. Mousse is several times lighter than hair gels. Mousse also adds volume to the hair.

Two disadvantages: one, it breaks down easily. Two, you cannot run your hand through your hair, because mousse tends to clog at the ends if it is disturbed.

  • Hair fibres/ Hair Clays: Fibre looks a lot like the cream filling between biscuits, it is one of the toughest products out there and is super effective in taming porcupine hair or uneven spikes and curls. Fibre needs to breathe or relax, so it has to be massaged to a thin, uniform sheet in the palms before being rubbed into the hair.
  • Hair Pomade: Renders hair a highly glossy sheen. Most men avoid this just because of this reason. However, pomade may also have a nutritional base, so that is advantageous to the hair. Also, pomade is a necessity to maintain pompadour or fluffed up hair.
  • Hair Putty: This can sort out clumped hair, or get dishevelled hair into a sort of ‘put-together’ clumped look. Hair putty too has to be massaged into a film in the palms before being applied to hair. To clump the hair together, pull the strands together with your fingertips.
  • Hair Wax: Hair wax is one of the strongest hair products because it can withstand disturbance and does not stick to debris at the roots of the hair if touched. Therefore it is one of the safest products to style hair with. The only disadvantage is that it can't be used to make vertical strands.
  • Body Hair

The act of body hair maintenance is the act of man-scaping. What man-scaping consists of is knowing how much to let go, and how much to keep.

Chest hair, abdomen hair, and hair on the limbs is the accepted social norm although some men prefer to wax the hair from their arms strategically for a cleaner look. This can only be done in a salon. Pubic hair to is generally not shaved (and almost definitely not waxed). The men's boxers wax consists of strategically shaving or waxing the hair on the thighs so that it does not look completely bereft of hair and yet not very hairy.

Whether underarm hair is to be shaved or not depends completely on the person.

The hair that is most commonly waxed and shaved in men is the back hair. If a man chooses to man-scape the back, here are a few tips that might come in handy.

  1. Ask the salon attendant if they can see any bacne. Waxing, shaving or applying anything to the back with acne is very risky and can cause a lot of pain if the acne is pulled off with the wax strips or disturbed by the razor, and the worst: triggered or irritated by the hot wax or other products used after the process. If there is bacne, which is a fairly common event, first try seeking medical help for it.
  2. Know the temperature that suits your body the most. If the wax is too hot, the moisturiser too cold or the water that they use on the back too hot, mention it immediately.
  3. Ask for a back mirror specifically if the salon attendant does not give one of his accords.
  4. Ask for a moisturiser. Waxing, in general, robs the skin of the outer layer of moisture. Moisturising after it is very important. Specifically, ask the attendant to massage the back because you cannot reach all parts of your back.
  5. Do not walk directly in the heat or under the sun after waxing. Give your body some time to adjust. Sweating after waxing or shaving can cause irritation on the skin.

Nails are sometimes the first things that people notice about certain others, sometimes even unconsciously. But the general stigma against men sitting on a leather seat with their hands and feet immersed in warm rose water in a salon has kept the majority of them away from manicures and pedicures.

There exists a ripple effect to not taking care of one’s nails: white spots start appearing on nails, microbes and decaying food particles accumulate under them even after washing, which ultimately results in endo-parasitic infections. If the person has healthy calcium stats, the ripple effects strengthen with age.

Therefore not taking care of your nails is a cardinal sin, against yourself. This is that part of the guide which should be most definitely followed, without any exception.

  • Doing a Manicure and Pedicure at Home

These are the steps that can be followed at home without any manicure and pedicure kit and are absolutely hassle-free.

What you are going to need:

  1. Nail-trimmer/nail cutter
  2. Cotton Balls
  3. Warm water in a bucket
  4. Moisturiser

Step 1: Soak

Begin by immersing the nails in lukewarm water. Be it the feet or hands, one should keep them soaked for 5 minutes. After they have been soaked a little and the fingers appear wrinkly as they do when exposed to water, begin the process of cleansing. Lightly rub the fingers against each other, and then rub them against the palm. Be sure to reach the corners of the nails and the space between the fingers and clean them with the cotton ball. This can be done without soap.

If however, soap is being used, it is best to avoid the detergent-based ones as they are a little too harsh on the skin.

Step 2: Trim

Start trimming the nails after this. Try to maintain the general semi-circular shape for the nails. Do not, however, try to shape them too much, as this can lead to the exposure of the under the skin, and can be both painful and susceptible to infections.

Step 3: Moisturise

After almost drying the hands and feet (make sure they still retain a little water when the moisturising begins) apply a moisturiser to the skin. Make sure not to leave moisturiser on the corner of the nails. Try not to immediately walk after applying moisturiser on the feet. Dry the hands and feet off.

  • Why Certain Men Prefer the Salon

There are many people who prefer to go to the salon rather than taking the shortcut at home. And although it involves sacrificing the urge to get it done quickly, there is the reason behind their preference.

  • Any professional salon will attempt to simultaneously massage the hands or feet while giving a manicure or a pedicure. This massage has a specific pattern. It enhances proper blood flow in the massaged areas and reduces chances of dead skin, aches, muscle fatigue and even arthritis.

Trying to repeat this at home is a rather risky thing to do. Without proper knowledge and technique, massages can have dire consequences including arthritis. No, we are not exaggerating. So if you are going to give yourself a manicure/pedicure at home make no attempt to randomly copy the salon guy. Stick to the previous guide.

  • Changes in temperature, too much stress, unhealthy calcium levels and any anomaly in the inner and outer conditions of the body tend to have an effect on the nails. Brittle nails, wilting nails, blackening nails are no unknown issues. A professional can actually handle these issues much better.

Or else you may end up seriously hurting yourself while trimming or cleansing. In such cases, no matter how stressed you are, no matter how many presentations that need to be put on the boss’s table, go to a salon. 

  • A good salon will know their chemicals. So rather than choosing any random moisturiser, cleanser or soap, they will choose a specific chemical for the particular skin and nail type they are dealing with.
  • The Best Of Both Worlds

This is where the calendar comes in. If for example, you tend to give yourself a manicure or pedicure once in every 7 days (which is the best thing to do) follow the five-week regime. Which means anyone following this routine will head to the salon once in the fifth week. This makes sure that the person gets both a good massage every five weeks and time for themselves. Plus, heading to a salon every week is a bit too much to ask of your pocket.

  • SKIN

For a long time in the grooming universe, men’s skin was not given much importance. The salon circuits converged with the idea of the ultimate man who was just born perfect and remained flawless throughout his life without needing the parlour once.

Until recently, men's skin started getting the spotlight it deserves. Then came along the entire bandwagon of professionals who finally realised that flawless skin requires maintenance and this can have long drawn health benefits.

Having a facial massage is one of the most the heavenly feelings in the world. True, there is England and its rustic villages and Venice with its gondolas, but paradise resides in the warm towels of a facial too.

Some men carry some sort of a distorted and preconceived notion about facials being either an entirely lady-like activity or an unnecessary beauty regime. Both these notions are beyond wrong, they are blasphemous.

Two facts might summarise this argument: one, more than half the male population of metropolitans head to the salon regularly for a facial. And two: nerve blockages, distressed facial muscles, blackening spots, uneven tan lines, disrupted blood flow; a facial cures all of these and more. So randomly washing the face with bar soap and rushing to a date or the office is neither cool nor attractive.

Therefore head to a salon in regular intervals (at least once in every 5-6 weeks if you are very busy) to look your best.

When not heading to a professional, here are a few products that can go straight into the shelves:

If you're looking to style your mustache with precision and care, don't forget to check out high-quality mustache wax.

The ultimate guide to men's grooming #mens #grooming #skin #care

  • Tea tree/ lemongrass/ chamomile oil: these three battle acne and black spots like soldiers, and rejuvenate the skin. The only thing that needs to be ensured before using these oils is that the person using these is not allergic to any of these. Remember to schedule an appointment with your doctor and make sure you are not allergic to any.
  • Face Masks: they usually not gender specific, the only time they are marked for male or female is during marketing by the specific brands.

Two things need to be kept in mind before using face masks:  one of them is doing a streak test. Take the mask to apply it on your forearm and keep it for about 5 minutes. See if there is any allergic reaction. If there is no allergic reaction, follow these steps:

    • Begin by gently exfoliating the skin. Rub your face with the tips of your fingers in circular motion. This removes dead skin cells.
    • No, cucumbers on the eyes don't really benefit them. It is just a sort of a party trick of the professional beautician. The only purpose it does serve is it helps avoid the eyes when applying the face mask. But that can be done without the cucumbers too.
    • Know your skin type: is it oily? Is it too dry? Are there specific areas on the face which are more oily or dry than others? Pick a face mask accordingly. If you cannot figure out yourself, ask the store attendant.
    • Don't keep the face mask any longer than what has been prescribed at the back of the tube or bottle. Wash it off gently.
    • If the skin feels too rough after 15-20 minutes of taking the face mask off, splash some water on the face and use a light moisturiser on it.
    • Aftershave: this has to be the oldest member of the grooming brigade, and if it is missing from your bathroom cabinet, it is time to rethink the harm you have done to your face. Aftershaves sometimes have a slightly burning effect on the skin, but in most cases, it is ultimately beneficial. If it keeps on burning for than 5 minutes, immediately wash it off. Better still, do the streak test for anything that you apply on your body.
    • Chapstick: lesser known fact, too much use of a chapstick can actually dry up the lips more than usual. Chapsticks are designed in a way that one has to use more and more of it because the lips dry up quicker than usual. At the same time, not using one especially in cold, dry weathers is a terrible lapse of judgement. Just because two men might mock you if you stand in the men's room with a chapstick in your hand does not mean you can strut around with dry peeling lips and still expect to be macho.
    • Moisturiser and Sunscreen: Honey based, milk based, oil based or herb based, always have a moisturiser. Nothing is more lifesaving than this in case of itchy, dry skin. A sunscreen on the other hand, should accompany a man wherever he goes. Also, always check the SPF level of the sunscreen.
    • Bronzer: now that we can shift from basic grooming to the more niche areas, the bronzer must be spoken about. A bronzer functions as a substitute for an all-natural, glorious suntan and is absolutely magical in concealing the uneven tan patches on the skin. Bronzers these days contain sunscreen and come in multiple shades to suit specific complexion. While buying a bronzer, apply a little bit on your skin and your nose to see if it is visible on the skin as a separate layer of the surface. If it very obvious, it is not suitable for your complexion. Remember, a bronzer should be subtle.
    • Concealer: true to their name, concealers conceal every little anomaly on the face that might disrupt the overall appeal of a look. Blotchiness, red patches, dark circles under the eyes, razor nicks, everything can hide behind the concealer’s curtain.
    • The List of Tricks to Remember

    Even the smartest guy can be tricked into eternal confusion in the world of grooming. There are too many products to choose from and too little time to spare.

    And of course, there is that ultimate need to fit a schedule. Not many are willing to spend the greater part of their weekends sitting at home or in a salon with a wet towel on their face.  

    There exists a five-part schedule that can effectively battle all these troubles. Here's decoding the ultimate game plan of product shopping:

    1. Know if you are allergic to anything. Lactose intolerance, allergy to sunflower seeds, allergy to oils of various kinds can render a man incapable of using a number of products that contain these substances that he is allergic to. Turn the product to its back and read the ingredient list. This little effort will save you the trouble of rushing to the ER. Scheduling an appointment with the doctor beforehand is the safest thing to do.
    2. When shopping for grooming products it is always better to be physically present there than shopping online. That way, you can ask a number of questions, and immediately do a streak test with a test bottle. This saves money and time.
    3. When razor shopping, look for the manufacturing date of the blade or the electric trimmer. If it is anything more than 6 months, do not buy it. It can pose a huge health hazard otherwise.
    4. All organic products are not good. Do not blindly invest on a product just because it is labelled organic. A number of issues may arise with using too many organic products, so know how to balance between organic and others.
    5. Take a woman along with you while shopping for products. Not only do they have sharper instincts in these areas, but they also will, in most cases, not try to trick or prank a guy as some of his male friends might do.  Also, women have a better idea about concealers and bronzers than men in general.

    The grooming game is fun, and if done properly, beneficial in the long run. Carry the perfect hair, beard, face and skin with confidence, and you will score gold. If being an ubersexual is the new cool, a man should be the definition of it.

    Men's guide to grooming. Everything you need to learn about men's #hairstyles #beards #pedicure #manicure #mens #grooming

    Men's guide to grooming. Everything you need to learn about men's #hairstyles #beards #pedicure #manicure #mens #grooming