Acrylic Liquid: Is There a Replacement For It?
May 16, 2022

Acrylic Liquid: Is There a Replacement For It?

Nothing can make you feel more beautiful and put together than having a gorgeous manicure. Unfortunately, most natural nails tend to be prone to cracks and chips, so a regular manicure probably won't last you long. Acrylic nails on the other hand, are natural-looking, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and won't chip or break that easily. Acrylics are created by mixing acrylic liquid (monomer) and acrylic powder (polymer) together.

But, what is acrylic liquid? Acrylic liquid (monomer) is the most important component of an acrylic manicure. The acrylic liquid acts like a shield for your nails, protecting them, making them stronger, and ensuring that your nail design lasts for a long period of time. Nail technicians usually mix this gluey acrylic liquid with powder to form the acrylic nail. This means that monomer is really an essential ingredient of an acrylic manicure. But, what if you're doing your own nails and you don't have an acrylic monomer at the moment? Is there an effective replacement for acrylic liquid?

Polyester Resin

The truth is that there's no good alternative to acrylic monomer for nails and it is not suggested to use acrylic powder alone, because it will chip off easily and the nails will have a rough appearance. However, many people claim that polyester resin is a good substitute. Polyester resin is usually used in boat building, in the construction of swimming pools, ponds, and Jacuzzis, in home building, aircraft and the marine industry. When it comes to manicures, polyester resin can be used with peroxide added to it and as such, it cures very easily at room temperature. While acrylic nails are much stronger and long-lasting, resin nails on the other hand are more glossy and natural-looking. The only downside is that it leaves a transparent green hue on the nails once it dries out. But, it's a good option if you don't have proper acrylic liquid.

DIY Monomer

You can also easily make your own acrylic liquid at home. You will need  just water, non-toxic glue, and an empty nail polish bottle. Take your empty polish bottle and add one fourth of a teaspoon of water and a three-fourths of a teaspoon of any kind of non-toxic glue. This DIY monomer is affordable, simple and easy to make, but most importantly it will be a great binding agent to cure your acrylic powder, if you're unable to use acrylic liquid.

Dip Powder

Dip powder is one of the best options for creating beautiful acrylic nails without monomer. That's because dip powder is basically a finely milled acrylic powder which is perfect for making a smooth application. It is odorless and doesn't require a monomer. Dip nails are very natural-looking, strong, and will last up to five weeks, which is longer than simple acrylic or gel nails. However, keep in mind that colored dip powders are usually much more expensive than standard acrylic powders.

Nail Glue

If you happen to have nail glue at home, you can use it to get your acrylics to stick onto your natural nails. Nail glue often comes with the same chemicals which are found in the base coat products for dip nails. This means that nail glue is a good alternative to acrylic liquid - just keep in mind that the texture will be runny and challenging to work with.

How to Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid?

If you've decided to try out one of these methods, you can use the same steps as you would for a typical manicure. Start by prepping your nails - this involves using nail polish remover to get rid of your current nail polish, buffing the nails, and filing them with a nail file. Then, apply a primer (this is an essential step especially when you're not using acrylic liquid) to smooth out your nails, so that the acrylic pain goes on easy. Take your brush and dip it into the acrylic liquid substitute of your choice and then, dip it into the acrylic powder. Place a ball of this mixture of your nails and then form the nails to your liking. Once they have dried completely, you can file down any rough patches with a nail file and add a pop of color.