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Modern Nail Design Tips

Nothing beats the confidence in a woman whose nails are well manicured. Good looking nails comes not only with beauty but also with some good vibes and attitudes.

In the current times, there are many types of nail designs that one can rock in. Some are easy for you to DIY others need professionals. The market has been flooded with different nail polish types starting from Acrylics, gel polish to the normal polish.

In this detailed article, we are going to look at the modern nail tips. This will help us know how to accord our nails with the perfect look and enjoy it for a long time.

These nail designs serve well with different weathers, moods and occasions. Some also grant you a variety of colors to choose from. Other modern nails will come with instructions on how to apply and maintain them for a long time. For more information on what’s new when it comes to nail art, visit Polish Pops.

1. Gel Extension Kits

Nail extension has been trending since its inception, and it's most women’s favorite. Well, not all might know, and some may be wondering what it is. Gel extension kit is nail tips that are already shaped and are made of gel alone.

They perfectly cover the nail and come in different sizes. Gels are easy to apply and remove, suiting a beginner. 

They also boast durability and versatility. One doesn’t need to skip some duties so as not to damage their gel extension polish. Additionally, they are made of a formula that is safe for your skin and nail bed.

Another feature of gel extensions is that they don’t smell. This one makes it usable even by allergic people and pregnant women. They are also light in weight, and you don't have to feel like some kilos have been added to your hands.

Nail extensions are also known to strengthen the natural nails and lengthen them. However, one has to avoid dipping their hands into alcohol or acetone as it weakens the gel. Unlike other nail modern nail types, the gel extensions removal is not complicated. One needs to soak them in acetone, and the gel tips will dissolve within seconds. You can also get at home nail kits

2.Pearl detail

The pearl detail has been trending for a while, and it accords your nails with that unmatchable look. It is versatile; therefore, you can wash the dishes and do laundry without worrying.

The pearl can be stacked partly on your nail, or you can choose to cover it all. This is the perfect nail polish for someone who wants to stand out.

3.Nude and white with minimal detail

This nail polish is a detailed and modern nail design tip. It’s a simple nail polish to apply, and you can choose to do some white splashing on one or two nails.

It is ideal for that office secretary whose appearance has to stand out as she attends to people. The polish comes in cream, peach, rose, grey and purple colors.

4.CD nails

This is a modern nail type with a holographic touch. It has a gel effect and boasts a bold shade that is vibrant, giving your nails that distinctive touch. The nail modern nail design tip is well refined and made with safe formulas.

5.Graphic Nail

This is the perfect modern nail design tip for the spring season. It entails doing some creative work on your nails and come up with mind-blowing graphics.

It comes in nude, red and grey colors. You can draw more than 50 nail arts with this polish.

6.Gingham nails

Gingham nails are well-known patterns that are used on nails. They are also versatile and can be used in fabrics. They are ideal both for beginners and professionals. It comes in white and other colors.

7.French manicures

For many years the french manicure polish has been trending. Their tips are appealing, depending on the color you choose. Many people like it because it’s not difficult to apply.

8.The coffin nail shape

They are known as Ballerina's nails, and they only differ from stiletto nails in that they have a square shape instead of the tip pointed shape. They are easy to maintain once you get the proper shape.

9.Wetsern patterns

These are modern nail design tips that will make people envious of you. That’s because they come in many colors and give a very shiny result. They come in multiple designs and sizes too.


Having your manicure should be among your must do things. That’s because manicures speak loads of volumes about you.

There are many types of modern nail design tips. However, they vary in shapes and sizes. The shapes are oval, square, sharply pointed among others, and its upon you to chooses your favorite.

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