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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Plus Size Bridesmaids

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Plus Size Bridesmaids

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Picking out clothes for anyone could be quite a task; talk less about getting clothes for your bridesmaids on your special day. One secret to satisfying everyone is picking out dresses that flaunt their best features, irrespective of their body sizes. You should pick a one-style-fits-all dress for everyone.

Always remember that the colors and styles each person would prefer will be different. For example, your size 12 bridesmaid might prefer a ball gown which makes her look bigger. However, your size 18 bridesmaid might want a gown that makes her look as slim as possible. Hence, try to get as much of their opinion as you can allow.

Apart from their opinions, here are five other things you should keep in mind when shopping for plus size bridesmaids.

1. Choose Flattering Silhouettes

The silhouette style you choose has to flatter the individual bodies of your bridesmaids. While there are various styles you could go with, here are a few tips you could use when picking out silhouette styles:

A-lines Work Best

A-lines are a universal style that tends to fit any body side. Designed by luxury designer Christian Dior, A-line dresses help hide the irregularities around your hips and waist. They also give a sexy curve to your body shape. Also, they can go with any neckline style. These properties make them a popular choice among brides and bridesmaids.

V-necklines Are Just Perfect

As a plus-size bridesmaid, you’ll want to accentuate your best features. A V-neckline helps to achieve just that. Making just the right statement on your neck and bust, they give off this fairy-tale vibe.

Do Away With Embellishments

It is advisable to leave out dresses with ruffles when picking out dresses for plus-size bridesmaids. Ruffles always tend to draw a lot of attention and only flatter unnecessary body parts. The only case when ruffles might do more good than harm is when they’re added vertically. In this case, they help add more length to your body.

Avoid Certain Fabrics

When choosing the fabric, you should avoid shiny materials such as charmeuse, target, or shining satin. These materials might make your bridesmaids look too flashy and make them look bigger than they actually are. For plus-size bridesmaids, the latter is something most will try to avoid.

2. Choose Colors Well

The color theme at most weddings depends on the season at the time of the wedding. In summers and winters, the theme consists of lighter color shades in most cases. In other seasons, darker and bolder colors are more common. However, if you’re not too sure of the right color, never forget: dark colors never fail. Black, navy blue, or emerald green bridesmaid dresses are quite common bridesmaid colors at weddings.

3. Do Away with Flashy Patterns

With most plus-size bridesmaids, they’ll prefer to look as simple as possible. However, choosing flashy patterns such as dots or stripes could attract unnecessary attention. Hence, it is advisable to abandon such patterns when picking dresses, especially if a plus-size lady is on your train. Instead, solid and plain colors are more suitable and will fit any body type.

4. Order One Size Bigger

It is common for bridal and bridesmaid dresses to be between two to four sizes smaller. While this might not be a problem for bridesmaids with smaller sizes, it could be quite uncomfortable for plus-sized ladies. With smaller sizes, the dresses could be way too tight to even put on. So, it is advisable to order dresses one size larger than their original size. Then, they can make adjustments as needed.

5. Give Enough Time for Alterations and Fittings

It is advisable to shop for bridesmaid dresses six to eight months before the wedding. Doing that would give enough time to make the appropriate adjustments and fittings to the dresses.

In some cases, you might have to make the adjustments more than once. For bridal and bridesmaid dresses, adjustments might take a while. Hence, you will want to get all this out of the way before the big day is close.

Also, leaving enough time gives you the chance to find the best seamstresses who can make the adjustments at affordable prices.

Make Your Bridesmaids Look Stunning Irrespective of Body Size

Styling your bridesmaids for your big day could be such a stress to handle. You’ll have to consider individual body types and styles before picking out any dresses. However, you could easily pick out the best dress styles for your plus-size bridesmaids with the tips above.