A guide To Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
January 29, 2022

A guide To Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Most people hope to only get married once in their life - that's why, to some people, weddings are such a big deal. It's rare to hear that people want a small, private wedding at the registry office. From the dresses to the catering, it's easy to agonize over every detail - especially the bridesmaid dresses. In fact, any veteran bride will tell you that bridesmaid dresses are one of the trickiest and most stressful parts of the wedding to organize. But fear not - since nowadays so many couples choose to create a wedding website, we were able to find a lot of inspiration and gather the most helpful insights to mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Get it right, and they can become a beautiful and delicate array of colors that compliment the bride and her pure white dress. Read on for your mismatched bridesmaid dresses guide.

Start By Gathering Your Bridesmaids Opinions

Asking for opinions may be a task that you come to loathe, but it's one that you can draw inspiration from. Ultimately, the end decision is yours, but your bridesmaids may have opinions on the colors and styles they like that could help form the basis of your inspiration. Try creating a vision board and printing out pictures of dress styles, gathering fabric samples, and finding various color samples everyone likes. 

Or, why not go the extra mile and have a bridesmaid dress shopping day and take your bridesmaids along with you?

Mismatch The Color, Not The Style

Many experts will tell you that you shouldn't stray too far from the authenticity and traditions of the bridesmaids wearing the same dresses. Mismatching the color and not the style helps to create a uniform appearance and can accentuate the beauty and simplicity of the dresses. This might be an obvious tip, but one of the only pointers to consider when selecting your colors is to pick colors that match.

The ideal mismatched bridesmaid dress selection would include colors from the same color palette that blend into each other, like lighter pinks to deep pinks or teals into lime greens. Avoid different bold colors next to each other, like reds next to greens or pinks next to gold. Such bold and mismatched colors next to each other may draw the guest's eyes away from the bride. Ultimately, whatever the style or color of the bridesmaid dresses, they should never outshine the bride's dress - or worse, have people staring in disgust.

Need Different Styles? Try This!

Sometimes different styles do work - and accommodating different styles and colors allow each woman to express themselves differently. However, most experts will tell you that differentiating the style can look amazing, but changing the length is usually a no-go. If you change the length of the dress for each dress, you could make your bridesmaid's line-up seem too choppy.

Another no-go is changing the materials. If one dress is silk and the next is lace, it'll create a mismatch of textures that don't always look the best. Still, you could change the textures so long as the overall appearance between the dresses isn't too different. Too different is too bold, and that's what we're aiming to avoid here.

Changing the styles should be more about the fit of the dress than the length. Some women might want a tighter fit dress, and some would feel more comfortable in a floaty summer style dress. Changing the fit and color can work really well. For example, if half of your bridesmaids want a tighter fit and the other half lose, they could line up with the opposite styles next to each other to help create the traditional uniform appearance.

Color and Style Inspiration

Now you have advice about colors and styles; it's time for inspiration. Style inspiration is easy because we've already touched on it. Find different fits to suit the needs of the women you've selected to suit their personality and style. 

Chiffon dresses are the traditional bridesmaid dress material that looks amazing either as a tight-fitted dress or as a floaty one. Chiffon material could be paired with lace or even a Jersey material if some of your brides prefer to feel more cozy and comfortable. Be careful with lace, however - it needs to be sophisticated and elegant rather than 'I'm ready to hit the bars' lace.

There are already emerging bridesmaid dress color trends worth exploring. Pinks are in, and a blend of pinks from bold to delicate can look stunning next to the pure white of the bride's dress. Bold colors like blues are also on-trend after a popular year in 2021. The beauty about a bold blue is you can throw in a grey as well, and it'd still look great. But, the biggest trend is to find a bold color like your blues, greens, and dark pink and blend it down to a lighter color. There's something very satisfying about balayage color tones. 

Bridesmaid dress shopping is part of the wedding fun, believe it or not, and the guide above should help take the stress away from your mismatched dress hunt. Get your bridesmaids involved and enjoy, and remember to brainstorm and create a vision board initially so that you can pick the best dresses for everyone involved.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses