2022 Spring Fashion Trends for the office
April 21, 2022

2022 Spring Fashion Trends for the office

After a long winter and time out of the office, many people are excited to walk down the halls, rocking the latest 2022 fashion trends that are currently being worn. Although winter was fun with lots of layers and hats to stay warm, now that the temperature is picking up, it's time to get excited about the new trends for the office that are here this spring! 


For days when you need to feel extra powerful, add an extra height boost. Whether it's in the form of thick clogs, sneakers, or boots, every merchant and designer has created their modern version of stilts. The best part about spring is its adaptability, and unlike other footwear alternatives that you can only wear with a specific style, platforms can be worn with almost everything.   

 Spring Fashion Trends



Sets may genuinely be your saving grace if you live an on-the-go lifestyle like most people. They're simple, fast, and easy to put on for almost any event. Change up that sriracha-stained sweat outfit that you've been wearing to morning Zoom meetings for far too long for an elevated appearance with a matching two-piece pant or skirt set.

Some Feathers 

Feather details have been reappearing for a long time, providing a non-traditional flair to any piece of apparel. You don't have to go full-on bird mode like Carrie Bradshaw, but a feathery element or trim transforms any dress from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Spring Fashion Trends 


Grass Green 

While enjoying the color green is not a recognized personality trait, it is a favorite among spring 2022 fashion enthusiasts. Grass green has had a moment in the last 18 months, owing to Bottega Veneta, and has shown equally on high-fashion runways and e-commerce merchants. This color will provide new life to your spring work attire, whether you pair it with a clean jacket, a bucket hat, or slingback shoes.   

Skirt Suits 

Skirt suits are having a moment, as seen on the runway and among people's favorite celebs. It's even better than buying a new one; take mom's old corporate America uniform from the 1980s to the tailor, get it updated for 2022, and watch your colleague's jaws drop. If you're looking to buy, experimenting with textures and patterns might help update the silhouette. 

Oversized handbags 

Say farewell to the micro-purse! Finally! How are you supposed to bring a laptop with those tiny things? Consider a large purse that can hold more than a backup mask and AirPods for your spring style theme board. The spring accessory trend almost feels like a counterculture reaction to the tiny itty purses that have dominated red carpets in 2019 and 2020. Major fashion labels are taking notice, with Isabel Marant and Chopova Lowena also jumping on the bandwagon. If gigantic leather hobo bags aren't your thing, you may use a large canvas bag to join the tote bag warrior army. 

Spring Fashion Trends 



Long skirts are the ideal spring transitional piece, keeping your legs warm without losing comfort in tight pants. While maxi skirts are a wardrobe staple, the approach of spring provides us with more fantastic opportunities to experiment with them: design them to be asymmetrical, shiny, or pleated. 

Trench Coats 

Nothing says spring quite like a classic trench coat. When the temperatures begin to climb, you can depend on this wardrobe staple to return in full force every year. Hailey Bieber, the queen of the trench, is an excellent source of inspiration for your spring looks. They're ideal for throwing over sweatpants to dress up any comfortable outfit, whether pleated or not.   

More Pink! 

Almost everyone recalls what they were doing when Rihanna announced her pregnancy. Still, fashionistas remember where they were when they spotted the mother-to-be in her iconic pink Chanel coat. The vibrant hue symbolized new life—both physically and metaphorically—and became one of our favorite colors for the impending spring season. One could say a perfect message to reboot the enthusiasm for the work experience. 


Loafers appear to be constantly in trend, racing both high fashion runways and a throwback to your high school uniforms. Like boots, loafers go with almost everything. While boots may be too toasty for your spring clothes, loafers are the ideal transitional shoe. With a perfect combination of style yet professionalism, expect loafers to be a lot of your colleagues go to this season! 

Editorial Print 

Newspaper is this year's printed craze—perhaps a nostalgic tribute to Sarah Jessica Parker's premiere dress, given that people's imaginations are captivated by And Just Like That. Some think it's a little too meta, but due to Cardi B, magazine-printed dresses, blouses, and trousers are everywhere. Pair a printed mesh shirt with a pair of Bermuda shorts this spring to show the world you're a literate cutie. 

Fashion trends have a habit of always coming back around, which seems to be the case this spring. Hopefully, after this, you will be more confident in picking an outfit that will help you shine – even while dominating the business world!