Best Dressed Men at the Oscars 2021
April 06, 2022

Best Dressed Men at the Oscars 2021

The red carpet is the place for men to bring their A-game when it comes to fashion. From cufflinks for men to classic bowties, these men wear the chicest suits with the most stylish of accessories. Gone are the days of monochrome suits and conventional silhouettes, as the suits at the latest Oscars are brighter and bolder than ever. Once upon a time, all men at the Oscars seemed to be wearing the same suit, but this notion is no more. Instead, the goal is to stand out from the rest whilst maintaining an air of sophistication.

Lakeith Stanfield

First up, is Lakeith Stanfield, who wore an edgy Saint Laurent boilersuit-esque suit. Underneath the suit, he wore a white lowcut shirt with a large collar and a chunky silver chain. He added some shape to the ensemble using a black leather belt with a round gold buckle. In order to complement this metallic tone, he wore a handful of chunky rings and had his nails painted black to contribute further to his edgy vibe. On his feet, he wore a pair of black suede loafers, and the look was completed with a pair of orange-tone sunglasses.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Next is Leslie Odom Jr., who wowed in a gold Brioni suit, alongside a chunky Cartier ring and a stunning Omega watch. Aside from his shiny black shoes, the entirety of his ensemble was gold, including his shirt and pocket square. Gold is a bold choice for anyone, and an entirely gold ensemble might not have necessarily worked, yet Odom Jr. manages to pull it off. He keeps it classy and elegant, making at real impact at the most recent Oscars. It’s safe to say that no one looked the same as Odom Jr. on the red carpet.

Steven Yeun

Perhaps one of the more traditional ensembles on the red carpet was worn by Steven Yeun. He rocked up in a classic black Gucci three-piece suit with a traditional white shirt and black brogues. Although this is by no means the most adventurous outfit of this year’s Oscars, Yeun still managed to wow the crowd. Traditional doesn’t always mean boring and Yeun certainly proves this with his stylish tuxedo. His suit was well-fitted, allowing for plenty of breathing room whilst not being too baggy. Yeun was certainly successful in gaining some exposure at the most recent Oscars.

Colman Domingo

The brightest of suits from this year’s Oscars was worn by Colman Domingo, who wowed in a hot pink Versace suit, shining David Yuman jewels, and patent black Christian Louboutin brogues. His jacket was embellished with matching pink sequins, as well as gold buttons, whilst his tie mimicked the pink sequins on his jacket. Although this entire ensemble was eye-catching, it was in no way garish, and Domingo achieved effortless style through his bold color choices. It takes some real confidence for a man to sport an entirely hot pink ensemble, and this confidence is clear in Domingo as he smiles and poses for the cameras.

Daniel Kaluuya

Last up is Daniel Kaluuya, who sported another one of the tamer outfits of the evening. Kaluuya was in an all-black Bottega Veneta suit that was somewhat oversized to portray a relatively edgy vibe. Under the jacket was a plain black tee with a subtle yet noticeable silver chain sat atop. On his feet he wore a pair of black leather boots, and he completed the look with a silver watch and a couple of rings. Like Steven Yeun, Kaluuya proves that simplistic doesn’t always equate to boring when it comes to fashion.