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What Is Included In High Level Cleaning?

High level cleaning is a service you will see commonly offered by professional commercial cleaning services, but you may not know exactly what it is. Maybe you have been told you need it, or you think you might need it, but you’re not sure what to expect from the service. To help you get a quick and easy overview of high level cleaning services and what to expect, read on for an insight into this specific area of professional cleaning services: 

high level cleaning

What Is High Level Cleaning?

High level cleaning literally refers to cleaning at high levels that cannot be cleaned with standard access. This is anywhere that requires specific skills, equipment, or highly trained people to allow the cleaning of the high level, or parts of the high level. This can also be inside or outside of a building or area.

It’s important to understand that high level cleaning can include areas that could be reached by ladders, and so they’re not excessively high but still require a specialist approach that cannot or should not be completed by the people who own or use the building in question. Of course, it does also include the cleaning of dizzying heights on the side of buildings using abseils, special platform access or the use of vehicles like cherry pickers.

It’s important to only have trained, experienced cleaning services do high level cleaning jobs because it is a high risk job with very specific health and safety rules, insurance and training needs.

You can usually split high level cleaning into two categories, external and internal:

External High Level Commercial Cleaning Services

This is where the correct cleaning tools, equipment, techniques and fluids are used to fully clean a high level external surface. This could be the outside of skylights, roofing, guttering, signs, windows, solar panels, awnings and cladding - anything that is outside facing and that requires a professional clean.

Internal High Level Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial ceiling cleaning, balcony cleaning, high level beams, light fittings, cladding and walls, windows and decorations are some examples of areas that require internal high level commercial cleaning services.

In some instances the area that needs cleaning may not be too high, but the training and insurance of the business team is not in place to allow them to do the job. The business may well want to pay a professional company to do the job for simplicity and ease. 

Sometimes these kinds of internal areas are also perhaps not extremely high, but for one reason or another are very tricky to get to and require high level cleaning techniques and tools to get the job done safely and correctly. 

Buildings That Commonly Require High Level Cleaning

Certain types of buildings are more commonly in need of commercial cleaning at height services, and they include:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial freezers and fridges
  • Giant signage/ banners by roads and motorways
  • Businesses with large physical branding structures like wording, or characters
  • Various parts of theme parks
  • Religious buildings
  • Blocks of flats and apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Multi-level terraced houses
  • Historic structures and buildings
  • Floor to ceiling glass window shops & dealerships
  • Supermarkets
  • Large residential properties

What Is Included In High Level Cleaning?

If you’re interested in high level cleaning services, you’ll want an idea of what is going to be included. It’s not quite as simple as a cleaning crew popping into your office and sprucing things up, so it makes sense to be a little prepared as to what will happen. Let’s take a closer look at what you should expect from high level commercial cleaning:

  • Quote

  • Although you can have a rough quote over the phone, the professional cleaning company will need to come out and assess the job before giving you a final quote for the work. This will include them working out the time the job will take, the equipment needed and the amount of people needed, as well as the cost. If additional work, access or other parameters need to be arranged that go beyond the scope of the cleaning company, they will either be sourced by the cleaning company at extra cost, or they may recommend a company for you to use.

  • Work Completion Arrangement

  • After you agree to the quote and the work being done, the work will be completed at the best time to suit both the job and your needs (some high level cleaning jobs have to be done in the daytime). The work will be as discreet and convenient as possible, with any disruption to certain parts of your business discussed and prepared for in advance. All work done will include cleaning equipment, labour, tools and solutions. 

  • Arrival & Brief

  • On the day the work is being done, cleaners and additional members of the team (as needed) will arrive, and there will be a full briefing to check that everyone understands the plan. This includes going over health and safety requirements and any specific dangers that arise with this particular job.

  • Safety Parameters

  • Before work goes ahead, safety parameters may be put in place, such as pavement diversion signage, barriers and other actions. This is all done with a greater awareness beyond the work being done, and takes into account the laws and legislation relating to the public, health and safety, and any laws and rules that are relevant to the particular job in hand. 

  • Professional High Level Cleaning

  • Using professional techniques, methods, equipment, solutions and skills, the cleaning team will get the professional high level cleaning work done to a high standard. Because this is usually a type of cleaning done less often than standard cleaning, and is one that involves more logistics and planning than standard cleaning, professional cleaning companies will work hard to get the job done perfectly in the arranged timeframe so no further work has to be done until an appropriate time again in the future. 

  • Recommendations

  • The cleaning company may find construction, pest or further issues or problems whilst they are cleaning. These are issues you may not have known about because your team does not have access to certain parts of the building. In this instance the cleaning team may need to recommend certain actions are taken, such as building repairs, before they can continue. They may also find issues that go beyond the quote provided initially, and beyond the scope of what you agreed to. In this instance they will consult with you fully on what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and then complete the job based on your agreement. Extra work will never be done without your consent and agreement.

  • Finishing

  • When the job is completed, there is a final inspection and any final changes or touches are done so that the job is 100% to your satisfaction. Any equipment, tools, signage and other items will be packed away and you will be left with a pristine, fresh high level surface that is greatly improved in aesthetic and hygiene. 

    Speak To A Professional High Level Commercial Cleaning Company For More Information

    To get more specific information based on your needs, why not speak to a professional high level cleaning company today? They can assess your needs and ensure you get a detailed quote letting you know the cost, time and potential disruption involved in the work you need to be done. 

    The result will be a fresh, clean and hygienic high level area that boosts the overall look and feel of the building, whilst also extending the life of the materials involved. 

    Why not get a quote today to find out more about professional high level cleaning and how it could benefit your premises?