Casino Game
November 23, 2023

What is Aviator, the Most Successful Casino Game of the Year?

Developers release dozens of new casino games each month, mostly slot machines. These games have diverse themes, mechanics, and bonuses. Some of them are successful, others not so much. Truly popular games that are a lasting success are a rarity.

This is where Aviator comes in. Released in 2019, the game was a sleeper hit, taking the online gambling world by storm. Today, let’s look at what it is, what makes it special, and how to play it.

What is Aviator?

Aviator is a social betting game with a minimalist design. It has a very simple format, very simple gameplay, and high RTP, which attracts many players to the game. It is lightweight, fast, and well-optimized, which works great on low-end devices. 

A short history

The original “Aviator” was created by Spribe, a Ukrainian casino game development studio, in February 2019. The game was exclusive at Adjarbet, a Georgian gambling outlet owned by PaddyPower Betfair - now Flutter Entertainment. The game was an instant hit, which for any game means just one thing: a sequel.

Aviator 2.0 was released in August 2019. The new version is better optimised than the original, making it 40% faster and available on slower internet connections and low-end devices. It has better visuals than the original. Since its release, Aviator has become a hit in almost every country with a regulated online gambling market, from the Nordic countries to South Africa.

What makes Aviator special

Several things make Aviator a unique online online casino game:

  • A simple, minimalistic interface
  • Built-in chat, which adds a social layer to the game
  • The possibility to place two concurrent bets
  • The possibility to settle your bet at any time

How to play Aviator?

As we mentioned above, Aviator is a very simple game. Once it loads, it takes you right into the play area. You have two windows to place your bets, and set up automatic betting. The main screen is the basic representation of an airport with a plane waiting to take off. And it does so automatically, with only a few seconds between rounds.

Betting on a round is easy: you set the amount you want to stake and push “bet”. You can cash out at any time. You can also set up Autoplay and Auto Cash Out.

The plane takes a multiplier with it in its flight. When you cash out, the multiplier is applied to your bet. Auto Cash Out will cash out automatically once the multiplier reaches the level set by you.

Aviator is a simple game that gives players an experience similar to slot machines but in a completely different setting. Instead of flashy graphics and complicated side games, it has a simple interface and self-explanatory betting. Plus, it gives players control over their game, even in Autoplay. This is the reason why Aviator has taken the iGaming world by storm, becoming the most successful casino game in 2023.