Slot Machines
December 19, 2022

What Slot Machines Are More Popular Among Women?

Traditionally, men have predominantly gambled more than members of the opposite sex. However, now that mobile gaming has opened the door to digital slot machine games, there has been a rise in women gambling online. Certain gambling sectors see more female participation than male, with games such as bingo being more popular with women gamblers.

The rise of the internet has led women to play other gambling games, such as slot machines. There are hundreds of slot machine titles on the internet, so finding a game designed for a female gambler is a relative niche market sector. However, it is a sector that more gambling operators and game designers are beginning to pay closer attention to.

Slot Machines

Themed Slots

A themed slot machine game is a game designed with a specific theme in mind. It can cover several topics, such as film, TV, sports and popular culture. Usually, a celebrity or notable person will sell their image rights to a slot machine game designer.

This company will then create a game that incorporates elements of what that person is noted for to entice fans of that particular celebrity to play the game. You can find these slots in any regular or Bitcoin casino.

A considerable majority of slot machine games have some theme, as it is one of many factors that attract the title to a slot machine player. Other factors include the gameplay, the color schemes used, and the music played as the gambler plays the game. Although music may not seem an important aspect of a slot machine game, many studies have shown that gamblers are likely to switch their attention away from a slot machine game if it doesn’t have any music.

Ancient Egyptian-Themed Slots

For many years, Ancient Egyptian-themed slot machines have been a popular angle that gambling operators have opted for. This can range from titles based on key figures during this historic period, such as Tutankhamun or Cleopatra. However, some of these titles are more general and are set around that time, incorporating pyramids and desert themes into their storylines.

Some studies have hinted that these slot machines appeal more to women who play slot machine games. Other themed games, such as Ancient Greece, don’t seem to have the same appeal. However, not many of these studies have been conducted, and it isn’t clear why these themed games are more appealing to some female gamblers than other slot machine designs.

Cascading Slots

Both men and women enjoy cascading slots. Research suggests this is a popular gambling method as it doesn’t work in the same way as a traditional slot machine game. For example, if you match prize-winning symbols in a standard slot machine game, you will match either 3 or 5-reels, and then the prize is paid out.

However, in a cascading slot machine game, if you match the prize-winning symbols, then the symbols will cascade in on themselves and disappear (hence the title). It will then perform a new spin whilst keeping these prize-winning symbols in play. If you match these prize-winning symbols, it can result in a mega multiplier where prizes can reach multiples of a few hundred or even over a thousand.


It is easy to see why cascading slot machine games are achieving more notoriety and popularity amongst female gamblers.

If the gambling sector continues to innovate in the major ways they already have, then there will likely be a whole host of new slot machine games tailored toward female gamblers.

The industry is moving at a lightning-fast speed, and to stay ahead of the curve, designers will have to think of unique and engaging slot machines that appeal to women who want to gamble.