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Three Tips for a Classy Trip to Las Vegas

Three Tips for a Classy Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be anything you want it to be, so why not make it classy? The history, suavity, and grandeur of Sin City make it the perfect place to go big on style and take some Instagram-worthy photographs. While there’s a high probability that you’ll slip into something stylish while you’re there, it’s best to take no chances. Here, we’ll run through three tips that’ll push you towards having a classy trip, including upgrading your flight and hotel, making the most of an introductory poker deal to prepare yourself for the tables, and investing in some new clothes so that you look the part. 

Upgrade Your Flight and Hotel

In truth, you could upgrade your flight and hotel no matter where you’re going and be happy with your decision. But if there’s one place that was positively made for an upgrade, it’s Las Vegas. Is there anything better than landing at Harry Reid International Airport while sitting in a first-class seat, knowing that you’re about to have a few days of fun in one of the world’s best cities? Only one thing could make it better — upgrading your hotel room to a suite. Trust us when we say it’ll go a long way towards making your trip a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Stylish Evenings

You’ll be sightseeing during the day but, during the evening, it’s all about indulging in the finest activities and events that Las Vegas has to offer. Begin your evening by enjoying one of the city’s world-class shows. From there, take yourself to one of the best restaurants in town (advance reservations are essential) for an out-of-this-world meal. From there? It’s all about the tables. Get some poker practice in before you make your trip, and you’ll be ready for action once you’re at the tables. At the end of the evening, you can enjoy a final drink at a classy bar and then take yourself back to your deluxe suite. 

Look the Part

Finally, remember to dress the part! Las Vegas looks pretty beautiful at all times, and so should you. This is a place to see and be seen, so make sure that only the greatest hits of your wardrobe make it into your suitcase. Nice trousers or jeans, well-fitted shirts, plain black t-shirts, and comfortable but stylish shoes are the way to go if you want to dress to impress.