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7 Tips for Choosing a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

Las Vegas has long been known as the world's divorce capital and is home to over 10000 licensed lawyers. It means there's a whole lot of legal advice when it comes to divorce.

So, whether you're an estranged spouse or named as the defendant in divorce proceedings, you'll want to find the right Las Vegas family lawyer to protect your rights and provide successful results.

To hire the right lawyer, though, you need to follow these seven thumb rules to be confident in your decision.

Do Not Select an Attorney Based on Price Alone

While price can be an essential factor in your decision, you should avoid selecting an attorney based solely on their fees. Some attorneys offer meager rates, and others charge exorbitant fees.

Prices do not always commensurate with performance. Many factors can affect an attorney's fee. Therefore, your best option is usually finding a divorce lawyer who charges according to their experience and success rate such as Houston divorce lawyer.

Ask About Their Experience

Find a specialized Las Vegas family lawyer if you are dealing with child custody, alimony, and property issues. However, if your divorce is relatively straightforward, with no children or significant assets involved, you can probably work with any lawyer.

Ask potential attorneys how many divorces they have handled and what their average outcomes are. Find someone with a high success rate working on similar issues.

Are They Up To Date On Changes In Family Law?

Nevada is a no-fault state for divorce cases. Hence, you can choose any grounds for your separation, but you need to stay in Nevada for at least six weeks before filing your papers. Family law is an ever-changing field, and you want a Las Vegas family lawyer familiar with new laws and guidelines. So, ask your candidates:

  • How do they stay on top of changes in family law?
  • Which updates do they think will affect your case?
  • What sources do they use for updates, and what's their methodology for determining relevant information?

Does Their Office Have a Good Reputation?

Good legal firms have good reputations. How do you find out if they're reputable? The truth is, you can't know for sure. You can look them up online on sites, read their testimonials, check with your state bar association (if applicable), or ask friends and family who they might recommend.

This process may take some time, but it will pay off in avoiding an attorney who isn't well respected in his field and doesn't follow through on what he promises.

Check Their Familiarity with Local Courts  

A good divorce lawyer will have complete familiarity with the local courts and settlement offices. Two local courts handle family dispute matters in Las Vegas. They are the Family Courts and Services Center on North Pecos Road and Regional Justice Center on Lewis Avenue.

Your attorney should be well-versed with the proceedings at both these courts and the Eighth Judicial District Court in Clark County. 

 Make Sure They Have a Friendly Personality

Some divorce attorneys are kind and accommodating, while others can be downright vicious and unpleasant to deal with. That's why you must select a Las Vegas family lawyer based on more than just their credentials.

Find someone who has an excellent knowledge of family law and treats you with respect during your life’s most difficult experiences.

Final Lines

Find an attorney who excels in their chosen field, one that takes your case personally and is determined to get you what you want. Follow these rules when selecting an attorney, and you'll be well on your way.