The Pool Floats You Need This Summer
July 19, 2022

The Pool Floats You Need This Summer

You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy the summer.  The pool’s open, the theme parks are open, and the restaurants have outdoor seating.  You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy those things.  Whether you enjoy fun with water at the pool or the beach, you’ll need the right bathing suits and the right floats, though floats might get lost at sea.  Pool floats are becoming much more elaborate these days.  There’s something for toddler and adults, alike.  There are floats for the boys and floats for the girls.  Plenty’s on sale for summer.  Float’s can be shaped like boats, cars, or nothing at all.  Some come in bundles.  Some are by themselves.  A few might even offer shade, if you want.

Boats That Are Really Floats

This summer, enjoy floats shaped like speedboats.  Bring the culture from beaches in California to where in the world you are, whether you’re at a pool or a beach.  Some come in crazy colors and materials.  Enjoy whimsical and stylish artwork on the side of your float.  The glossy effect of decals will surprise you with their cool California aesthetic.  Enjoy boat-shaped floats with limited edition materials, signature artwork, convenient cup holders, and incredibly short inflation times.  Just don’t let yourself turn into a prune.  Sharks like prunes this time of year.

Cars That Are Really Floats

Maybe you live in an urban area, and you never got around to taking a driving test.  Not to worry because you can drive into a pool.  At least, that might happen anyway if you try to drive with no experience.  As juvenile an audience as car-shaped floats might attract, most fit at least two adults at a time, and many offer shade since they have “roofs” that emulate the roofs of actual cars.  This other way to experience California vibes offers plenty of shade, too.  Enjoy car-shaped floats with stubborn cup holders that don’t let anything move around!  Enjoy the space these floats offer, and enjoy incredibly short inflation times, too.

Consider Function Over Form

Many simpler options come in packages of two or three, so you could score a deal if you have little to no interest in a float’s appearance.  You can float on veritable air with the options available.  A float ought to keep your pool-wide adventures above the water.  A simple float with either a simple color scheme or no color scheme at all may be the best thing if you’d like for it to blend in with the scenery.  There’s always a time and place for subtlety in contrast to more bombastic images and decals.  Simple floats might not be much to look at, but they offer a lot in the way of comfort.

Meshes Over Form

Some floats offer meshes that lower you into the cool water, so that you can be comfortable and stay cool at the same time.  Many mesh floats come in different colors, from earth tones to neon colors.  Consider a dashing red, a crisp blue, or a pink as hot as the weather.  Naturally, these floats also have cup holders.  No company would ever skimp on such important things.

Floating Patios Over Form

Some floats can fit up to either 3 or 4 people, offering multiple seats and shade, as well.  You needn’t worry about the structural integrity of these sorts of floats.  Not only can they stay above the water fairly easily, but they can also be useful for a long time.  Regular wear and tear will not necessarily damage them very much, so be sure to consider buying a large float if you have a lot of kids or a lot of friends who like to go to the pool. 

Feel free to take speakers with you when you go out.  Just don’t drop them in because the results may shock you. Again, large amorphous floats are very large.  As in, they can be up to 10 feet long and 7 feet wide.  That’s a lot of feet.  Giant floats may also incorporate meshes to keep your feet cool and comfortable.  Giant floats may also incorporate handles you can use to more easily maneuver those floats, as 70 square feet certainly offers a lot of bulk.  Enjoy shade and, of course, more cupholders.

Smaller Floats

For the pool enthusiast who doesn’t want to carry too much, consider purchasing smaller floats. Smaller floats can be as stylish as bigger ones, and they can offer just as much comfort for a single person as any other option can.  From flamingoes to unicorns, you can certainly find something good if you or your kid wants a float.  Whatever float you end up purchasing, remember your hat if not your sunscreen, pop open a soda, and have an adventurous summer.