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Pups Play in the Pool: Pool Floats for Man’s Best Friend

Are you ready to cool off this summer with your best dog friend? If you and your dog love to dive head first into the pool at the peak of summer, you might want to check out the coolest dog pool floats to start your summer off right. You and your dog deserve to relax in the summer sun while enjoying a refreshing dip in your backyard pool. If you don’t have one yet, you’re going to fall in love with dog pool floats and how happy they make your pup.

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Summer Time With Your Best Friend

Who doesn’t love summer? On top of that, who doesn’t love enjoying a nice summer day with their favorite pet. Enjoying the summer with your dog while keeping cool has never been easier. You can relax in a pool chair while your dog floats on the water on their dog pool float. You can even jump in with your dog and sit on the float together! Imagine the summer photo opportunities with you and your best friend. Better yet, you can push your dog around on their float while they just float along in the summer sun.

There is nothing quite like summer time with man’s best friend. Through the entire season you get to make the best memories, snap the best photos, and give your dog the summer life of luxury they deserve. Dog pool floats will not disappoint you and they certainly won’t disappoint your pup.

Pool Float Choices

Now, let’s get into what kind of dog pool floats are available. There are so many different types to choose from. If you’re going for style, there are plenty of dog pool floats that give that vibe. If you’re looking for something cute, there are options there as well.

Bark Yacht Dog Float

Your pup can look like he owns the entire home if you set him off on the water with his yacht shaped dog float. Let your dog cruise around the pool in style with the coolest looking yacht float around. The base of the float is wide enough for your dog to lounge around like he’s got nothing better to do than be lazy in the summer sun.

Bark Rainbow Cloud Dog Float

If you’re looking for something bright, colorful, and cute, the rainbow cloud dog float is the one for your pup. The base of the float is a white cloud, topped with an adorable rainbow overhead. Your dog will literally float on the clouds with a rainbow over their head as they drift around in the sun. These dog pool floats are large enough to jump off of, lay on, and can be shared with you and your pup. Don’t miss out on this pop of color and fun for your dog.

Bark Private Jet Dog Float

The yacht was definitely a stylish ride, but the private jet dog float shows up to impress. Why fly in coach when your dog can have their own private jet dog pool float for the summer? Let your furry friend cool off in the pool in style with this chic pool float. Your dog is sure to impress all your neighbor friends if anyone catches a glimpse of them catching some sun rays on this dog pool float. 

Whatever your style is, there is a pool float for you and your dog. You are going to love how adorable your dog looks on their new dog pool float. But what you’re going to love even more is how much they love it.

Coordinated Pool Floats

As the owner of the world’s best dog, don’t you want to float in the pool alongside them? If you are looking into dog pool floats, try picking out one that matches with a human-sized pool float:

  • Yacht Pool Float
  • Inflatable Rainbow Daybed Pool Raft and Float
  • Inflatable Airplane Pool Float

Each of these awesome pool floats coordinate perfectly with the dog pool floats mentioned above. You and your canine pal can float around the pool together, looking as cute as ever with your matching pool floats. Not only can you play in the pool with your dog, you can coordinate in style. Your dog is going to love all this extra bonding time with you on their favorite new summer toy.

Cool Off This Summer

Start the summer off right by getting your best dog friend their very own dog pool float. There are so many different styles to choose from and coordination options. Your dog will be forever grateful that they get to cool off with you this summer. Don’t hesitate to get them the pool lounging luxury they deserve.