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The Best Lifestyle Apps for iOS in 2022

If you have an iPhone, why not make the best use of it? It’s the gadgets that serve people, and with an array of top lifestyle apps for iPhone in the USA, you can make your life better indeed. The apps we recommend fall into different categories, and some of them are well-known, while some just start their way up. So, tap GET!

Dating Apps

This type of apps and websites is one of the most demanded on the Internet. When you need somebody, not just anybody, these apps are here to help.

  • Tinder. It’s still king among dating apps, having once made it as simple as possible to express your attitude with a swipe.
  • Bumble. It’s more than dating: on Bumble, you can search for friends and even jobs. Though, hey, we know what you’re here for.
  • Hinge. The most scientific dating app, as they say, is meant to be deleted soon, not to keep you searching forever.

Family and Friends      

There are always apps that can enhance your family and social life or make it easier. These apps, like the Joi app, help both keep contact and socialize out.

  • iCare. It’s a location tracker that allows family members, friends, or tourists in a traveling group to know each other’s whereabouts.
  • Hire Babysitters. It’s exactly what it says on the tin: when you need a babysitter in your area, this app will connect you.
  • Roomster. If you need to find a roommate, proceed here.
  • AT&T Secure Family. With it, you as a parent may control your child’s phone. Just don’t abuse it; and rewatch the Arkangel episode of Black Mirror before you start using it.

Horoscopes and Predictions

If kings, princes, and generals of the past asked their augurs about good and bad omens before starting a conquest, a renovation, or a coup d'état, why shouldn’t you use it? As skeptical as some are, everybody agrees that whatever goes that supports your resolution and confidence. If you don’t mind stars as your advisors, here are some apps that will make you more assured.

  • Chani. This app by Nicholas Chani is as scientific as astrology gets, with charts, calculations, and – yes – everyday recommendations and forecasts.
  • Nebula. Along with generic horoscopes, it provides personal consultations by professional astrologists.
  • Soulight-Online Psychic Advice. If you are into Tarot, you’ll get your reading here.


We’re not talking generic messengers, of course. There are apps, though, that enhance the way we speak to each other through different apps, and this becomes much more fun.

  • LivU. This video chat is so populated that you will always find someone to speak to. A built-in translator gets you through any language gap.
  • Sendit. With it, you can enhance your communication in other media-based apps, from Snapchat to Instagram.


There are many things that can enhance your lifestyle. And these are the most trending now among iPhone apps:

  • Alarmy. You may hate your current alarm clock. But with Alarmy, every morning will start the way you like it.
  • Jacquie Lawson Ecards. With these artful cards, you can greet or congratulate any of your friends or colleagues on literally any occasion.

These are not the only apps that improve your life via an iPhone, but they demonstrate how you can make it better. Some of them bring new people into your life, and some of them bring a new you. If you look inside yourself, you can always find more apps that suit your needs.