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8 Useful iOS Apps For Education

8 Useful iOS Apps For Education

The use of helpful apps for education today became an essential part of academic success in these times of remote learning where a plethora of information must be processed. Regardless if you need a quick grammar check or something to keep you safe from distractions, approaching useful apps will help you to stay more focused and confident as you learn. The trick is to take time to test what may work best for you and try to improve your workflow. By doing so, you can also save precious time and get things done faster.

8 Useful iOS Apps in Education

1. Photomath Camera Calculator.

It is one of those apps that actually let you point your phone's camera to some Math equations and have them resolved right away. An arithmetic problem will never bother you again. It is free with in-app purchases. The paid version also provides some nice explanatory extras. If you also need other subjects like Healthcare or Law, you may consider free health essay samples for inspiration. It always helps to overcome initial writer's block.

2. Duolingo.

It is your free pathway to learning foreign languages by using over 81 diverse courses. It is interactive, accessible, and can be used even with not-so-powerful smartphones. You may also check the best student laptops to see what kind of requirements are necessary for modern education to handle the majority of popular software and tasks. As for Duolingo, it belongs to those apps that do not ask too much as you learn!

3. Evernote.

One of the most popular planning apps that any modern student will appreciate. Store your notes, pictures, lecture recordings, and more. It will always alert you of all the important issues.

4. Simply Piano.

It is free and one of the best ways to bring some music into your life. Education should not be all about boring things after all! Play all the popular songs regardless of your current skills. To make things even easier and to save some learning time, consider the TopWritersReview to handle things like proofreading, editing, finding good sources, or helping you finish any academic task. By doing so, you can focus on more pleasant things.

5. SkyView.

If you ever thought about learning more about the stars or you like watching Star Trek series when you are not busy with your homework, this iOS learning app will help you point your device in any direction and learn more about planets and even identify satellites in the sky. It will also provide you with useful facts that will improve your research skills. It is good for all ages and it’s free!

6. My Study Life.

If you want something more universal than Evernote, consider checking this great app that helps you stay on top in terms of your academic schedule, odd deadlines, and calendar dates. It lets you set reminders and has no ads or anything that would distract you from checking things fast.

7. GradeProof.

It uses AI-powered tools to check your writing. It analyzes your grammar, word complexity, style, and other issues. You can pay $10 per month to upgrade from the free version and it will also check things for plagiarism!

8. ToDoReminder.

A simple reminder app that can be used not only in education as it can import data from various social media platforms. It can alert you about your friend’s birthday and remind you about an upcoming college party.

Avoiding Confusion

8 Useful iOS Apps For Education

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Remember that apps in education must help you get things done faster and easier, which is why you must study online reviews and ask questions before you install anything. Check compatibility, export, and import aspects as it will help you to focus on integration with your existing tools. Most importantly, check your download links twice and set your goals clearly to avoid confusion regarding having too much. Take one step at a time, read reviews, and you will find the most efficient solution!


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