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The Best Heater Manufacturers: What To Look For When Shopping For A New Heater

Heater Manufacturers

Winter is approaching, so now is the time to ensure your home is warm and cozy. It can be tricky to understand where to start when looking for a flexible heater for your living room, bedroom, or office.

With so many choices, deciding the best for your needs can take time. We're here to help because of this. This article will tell you about the best heater manufacturers and what to look for when shopping for custom heaters.

We’ll talk about everything from energy efficiency to safety features, so you can make an informed choice and find the best flexible heater for your home. So get ready to relax in the warmth of your oasis, made just for you with a flexible heater.

How Can You Choose the Best Flexible Heater?

The best heaters are made to order and provide the proper heat for a particular room or area. Flexible heaters are made to the exact dimensions and specifications needed. This makes them a better choice than off-the-shelf heaters, which may be too big or too small for a given space.

Because they only heat the spaces that need it, flexible heaters are more cost-effective and better for the environment than generic heaters. Flexible heaters are helpful and can also add to the look of a room thanks to their many customizable features and options. Remember the following features while choosing a flexible heater for your home or office.

Make Sure the Size Fits Well

One of the best qualities of flexible heaters is their customized size. You can choose what suits you better. So, while making a purchase, keep in mind the size of your room or wherever you have to install the heater.

Consider Your Heating Needs

Each flexible heater comes with a different temperature range and efficiency. You will have specific requirements as per your needs. For a lounge, your heating requirements will be different than a room. You must select a heater that fulfills your heating needs.

Read Reviews & Compare

Online validation is the best credibility check for any product before buying. There are various manufacturers and retailers in the heating industry. Go through each seller’s business website. Read and compare their reviews and then choose the best one.

Make Sure it’s Budget Friendly

You can’t buy what’s best until it’s within your budget. Money is the most important factor while shopping for anything. Keeping in mind your budget, go for the best available flexible heater in the market. Don’t worry. Many flexible heaters are pocket friendly and come with the best qualities.

Types of Flexible Heaters Available in Market

Heater Manufacturers

In the domain of flexible heaters, you will find a wide variety of products. Here I have shared some of the leading flexible heaters available in the market.

Silicon Rubber Heaters

Thin, flexible heaters made of silicone rubber can be shaped into any shape. They are great for heating surfaces that are small or oddly shaped.

Polyimide Heaters

Thin and flexible, polyimide heaters can be bent and shaped to fit different surfaces and objects. They work well for things that need to be flexible and can't be damaged by high temperatures.

Fiberglass Reinforced Heaters

Fiberglass-reinforced heaters are made by wrapping heating elements in a flexible material made of fiberglass. They are strong and can be made into any shape or size.

Carbon Fiber Heaters

Putting layers of carbon fiber and heating elements on top of each other makes carbon fiber heaters. They work well for things that need to be flexible and can't be damaged by high temperatures.

Polyester Heaters

Heat elements are put between two layers of polyester film to make polyester heaters. So, you can move the heaters around. They are light, bendable, and easily cut to the correct size.

Aluminium Foil Heaters

Aluminum foil heaters are flexible heaters with a heating element between two layers of aluminum foil. They are great for uses that require heat transfer and flexibility.

Kapton Heaters

Kapton heaters are made of a material called Kapton that can handle high temperatures and is flexible. They are perfect for applications that need them to work well at high temperatures, be light, and be flexible.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Heaters

These heaters are made of PET, a type of plastic. They are perfect for uses that need to be resistant to heat, durable, and flexible. If you want a custom PET heater, in that case, they are easy to cut and shape to fit different surfaces and objects.

Best Manufacturers in Heating Industry

Here are the top three best manufacturers in the heating industry. You can compare them on your behalf as well. Do your research and then buy what you find best suited to your requirements.

Hi Heat Industries

Hi-Heat Industries was started in 1981 in Kansas City at the request of customers who needed a reliable source of flexible electric heating products. It’s one of the best heaters manufacturing industries. For over 40 years, Hi Heat Industries has been setting the standard for excellence in the manufacturing industry.

Their success can be attributed to the pride, passion, and dedication of their employees. Each and every team member strives to provide customers with superior quality products and services that meet or exceed expectations. They always have a good product ready on time.


Over a hundred years ago, Chromalox developed a new way to use electric heating technology that set the standard for the whole industry. They have authorized distributors in over 2,000 places in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Their headquarters are in Pittsburgh. Also, they run six state-of-the-art factories in different places around the world.


OMEGA Engineering started in 1962 with a single product line of thermocouples. Since then, the company has become a world leader in the technical market. They have more than 10,000 high-tech items for sale. All of their products are tested and improved in their design and engineering labs in Connecticut before they are put on the market.

Final Word

While looking for new flexible custom heaters, you must consider several things to make sure you choose the best one for your needs. Some of the most important things to consider are the type of heater, how much it can heat, how well it uses energy, and how well-known the brand is.

Hi Heat Industries, Chromalox, and Omega are known for making high-quality, reliable custom heaters and are some of the best heater makers. You can find the best flexible heater for your needs and budget by researching and comparing different options.