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We are Engineering Christmas Cards to Help You Connect With Clients

It can be stressing to businesses that still have to deal with loads of work even as the holiday season approaches. That is why during this Christmas season we are showing you that there is something you can do to cheer them up. Ziti Cards are engineering Christmas cards so that you can make your clients warm up to the season.

We engineer Christmas cards because we know it is a way of expressing gratitude to long-time clients. They will, therefore, feel motivated to engage in more business dealings with you.

Our cards provide you with an opportunity to tell your clients you want to build a lasting relationship with them. As business owners reflect on their activities of the year they feel both happy and yet anxious.

So this is a perfect opportunity for you to thank them for a successful year through your happy holiday’s messages on our customized cards.

If you want to try our Accounting and CPA holiday cards, you and choose the type of font to be used, ink color and message to type. All you need to do is to tell us the unique message you want to be printed and our team of designers will take it from there.

Order free samples; enjoy free upgrades while at the same time building a friendly atmosphere between you and your clients. We will even ensure you have a glossy reflection of your business through our high-quality finish. Contact us today and give us your idea.

An Unforgettable Print on Engineering Christmas Cards 

We all know that simply being good at making sales do not suffice. You also have to connect well with your customers. Therefore at Ziti Cards, we want to show you how you can best reach your loyal customers.

We have been in the business of engineering Christmas cards long enough to know the various types of cards that resonate well with an audience. We give you the liberty to choose how you want your cards to look since you get to pick the ink, colour, and message to be typed.

Any other element related to your business that you want to be conveyed in the greeting card will be added as per your request. Our greeting cards feature various themed-designs that may well connect with your long-time customers.

We are even ready to give your already customized card a new look and a different approach in case you are not satisfied with the current one. You can add the business logo or company tagline for an additional personal touch.

There are free samples of cards available to those who feel that they cannot choose the right card for themselves.

Our low prices and the ability to view a card before ordering makes as a unique card customizing firm you might want to try.

Making an Order Online Is Easy

  • Click on the  “personalize” link
  • Create your own personalized message or choose one of our won
  • Pick your desired font style and colors
  • Don’t forget to include the company’s logo
  • Select an envelope and add a return address

Payment Options and Discounts

Fortunately, we accept the major credit cards used globally such as American Express, Visa card, MasterCard and Discover card.

When using postal emails it is recommended to include your credit card information as you send it along with your completed order form. 

Orders placed before September 30th receives a 15% discount. If you order before October 31 you will receive a 10% discount. These are automatically calculated at checkout.

Merry Christmas Card

Our versatile merry Christmas card is designed to help you thank your customers for a successful end of the year and wish them a prosperous happy new year. Regardless of the industry, you are in it is a thoughtful gift you can give your clients.

The Card has a retro snowflake print along with a conspicuous greeting across the front. The beautiful design is printed on a glossy white cardstock that is 5”x7”. The card can be customized with your company’s logo and you can also add a personal message of your choice while using a variety of different colours and fonts. 

Our Mission

Founded in 2005 we are proud to be the premier provider of carefully customized holiday cards. Each year we help businesses across the nation send industry specific holiday cards to their clients. This, in turn, builds client connection while showing them that you value them. 

There are several seasons’ greeting cards with original designs stocked on our website waiting to be explored. Businesses have thanked us for helping them build solid client relationships while expressing their sincere wishes to these customers.

Do not worry if you feel you cannot decide which design you want. We will send you free samples and give you the chance to view our cards before you order online.

Choose from our vast collection of heartfelt messages or you might want to just create your own. We have a stock of different styles of formatting styles to help you communicate your message in a unique manner.

We Care About Your Cards

We want to help you not just send out cards but also create beautiful personalized holiday cards. We want to boost your confidence as a professional so that when sending messages to clients you know you have accomplished your mission. That is to build trust and promote your business.

Cleaning Service Christmas Cards

When spring is around the corner most office workers and home residents start to think about how they will clean their surroundings. We know of how to remind you of this duty and that is through our cleaning service Christmas cards.

We boast of 10 years experience and know that our collection of Christmas cars for cleaning will give you the needed motivation. Both industry professionals and construction experts have satisfactorily used our services. 


We have the best pricing system in the industry and we are sure you will be a regular visitor to our site. Our low pricing system coupled with a pricing system that goes up to 45% is reason enough to consider our services. We want to make sure you focus on sending your customized cards to clients.

We craft the best greeting cards through our host of free customizable upgrade options. Our high-quality card stock is something to look for when you want to impress your clients. 

Make use of the calculator found on our site to know more about our low prices

How to Add your Logo as a Letter Pressed Image

At only  a cost of $100 Our team of professional artists  can actually create an illustration of your logo to make it appear as a letterpressed image

  • Upload your logo on the site and we will work on it right away
  • After your order is placed we will send you an email  with a PDF proof
  • we will only print your cards after your approval
  • customize your envelope and inside of the card

Choosing The Perfect Holiday Card

We are at a time when communication mediums have multiplied thanks to technological advancement. The digital era in which we live is mostly dependant on various technological tools such as Smartphones, laptops, Tablets, and computers for communication.

Distance is no longer an issue when we want to pass a special message to someone we think of. However, there is a certain trend that is steadily taking root. People nowadays prefer talking to each other through vague ways such as texts and emails instead of face to face communication.

They prefer online talk rather than the traditional real talk. We see people sending sweet birthday wishes and holiday greetings through various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Yet, as much as these forms of communication have been widely accepted by society, there is a big obvious disadvantage.

The problem with these mediums as tools for passing such sensitive messages is that they lack a personal touch.

If you send actual cards to your loved ones you show that you truly actually care for them. It expresses your thoughtful feelings toward them. 

Research has proved that people feel more appreciated through real cards instead of just online wishes which might be a bit more generalized in nature. Here are a few things to consider when customizing your holiday card:

  • The addressee: it is quite obvious that before you design your card, you will likely first think of the recipient. In this case, your clients' age will come to mind. You might as well consider how you relate to each other. Consequently, a customized holiday greetings cards that will mostly appeal to such an audience is one that is unique in its message and design. We appreciate the fact you want to brand to shine out and that is why Ziti Cards will help you customize a majestic and distinctive card. Do not shy away from trying out one of our custom design cards.
  • Theme and design: your card’s theme and style will immediately hold the attention of your addressee. Since it is a season’s greetings card, you might want to be funny and thoughtful if you want to customize your card. As mentioned earlier, businesses might be still stuck with the same old stressful routine even during the holiday season and your beautifully customized cards might be that antidote t0o their hectic schedule. If you take the time to observe your clients you will be in a better position to offer something unique that suits their style. This kind gesture will definitely keep good dealings intact between you and your client.
  • Add a personal touch: personalizing your card by means of the tools provided on our site is one of the best ways to create warmth and feeling when passing a message.  Our engineered Christmas cards offer a fine way to connect with clients in a special way. The presence of your company’s logo or a picture that describes the nature of your business will lighten up the faces of your client. We employ modern technology to provide you with the necessary tools so that your customized card comes out as perfectly as imagined.
  • The right message: it would be unfortunate if your striking customized greeting card lacks the right words. Think about the message you want to pass before choosing the words. Perhaps you can include your story during the early stages of your business. Or you could add humor to the message by pointing out how far you have come and the obstacles you had to overcome. Your first customers will recall such issues and feel connected to your business once you create a card that reflects all these things. We ready to help you create a custom design card with the right message. It is a worthwhile effort to reflect on your card’s message instead of rushing about it.

Talk To Us

Your feedback is the only way we get to know your opinion on our card making services. We want to know what our customers appreciate about us. Send us an email and we will respond in a timely manner.

Confidentiality is maintained. There are three main ways of getting in touch. You can use our live chat support, email us or give us a call. Our ordering system is fun and easy to use. We have created a seamless ordering system for you so that you can simply customize your card right from our website.

We also want to ensure you get your ordered card quickly. The current estimated shipping time is up to 5 days. We are ready to cancel your payment and offer a full refund is no proofs are provided.

Even if proofs are provided and you wish to cancel an order, we will do so at a fee of $50. This is to compensate for the time spent and effort in creating your proof. Contact us today and view our free samples.