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The Best Flowers To Give On A Date

When you go on a date, it is vital that you have a conversation starter with you and one of the best ways to do it is to give your date flowers. Flowers can prove to be an excellent ice-breaker, especially if it is your first date. Along with being an ice-breaker, bringing flowers on a date is a beautiful gesture. It shows your date that you have given a lot of thought even to this first meeting. You can provide several flowers on your first or second dates to make your partner feel special. Some of the flowers that are ideal for giving on a date are as follows:

1. Roses

This is one of the classic choices when it comes to a first or second date. But you mustn't bring too many roses to your first date. If you plan to give a bunch of bright red roses to your date the first time you are meeting, you should keep it elegant and choose a small bunch. You can also choose to give her roses of other colours like pink, yellow, orange, lavender or deep pink. Red roses are usually associated with love, and if you are not comfortable with bright red roses on the first date, you can choose a bunch of roses of any other shade. For example, deep pink roses represent appreciation and affection. Similarly, light pink roses have a gentler and soothing effect on the eyes and a milder fragrance. Moreover, it shows the possibility of love in future, and it is also one of the rarer colours of the flowers. Your date will be impressed by the fact that you have chosen a flower of an unusual colour on the first date.

2. Peonies

Peonies are beautiful flowers and can brighten any floral arrangement. Compared to other flowers, these are fluffy and tend to give body to any floral arrangement. If you take a bunch of peonies to date, you do not need to carry more than four or five of these blooms in a handheld bunch. The size and shape of the flowers are such that they tend to fill up any floral arrangement. The bright pink shades of peonies are also attractive and bound to catch the eye of your date. These flowers are perfect for first dates as they represent love with a certain amount of playfulness in them. If you want to add a touch of colour to your floral arrangement, you can add red peonies along with the pink ones. This will make your date happy that you have taken so much effort in selecting the flowers.

3. Alstroemeria

These unique flowers are available in various shades and can create quite an impression in the mind of your date. Alstroemeria petals are unique and different from all other flowers that you might see at your florist. If you check the design of the petals, you will find that some of these have stripes while others are of a single colour. This difference in design occurs in a single Alstroemeria flower. These flowers are also more significant compared to other flowers that are usually placed on floral arrangements. Therefore if you want to make an impression on the first date itself, you should gift your date a handheld bunch of Alstroemeria.

Moreover, these flowers represent love, support and devotion. These are qualities that two people always look for in partners. Thus, Alstroemerias would be an excellent way to start a new relationship.

4. Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and delicate flowers that can enliven any floral arrangement. If you are meeting your date for the first time, you can choose to purchase orchids of different colours. The most common colour of orchids is purple, but you can also buy orchids that white, pink, yellow and orange. Orchids represent love, affection and friendship, and most importantly, these are exotic blooms. When you bring orchids to a date, it shows that you have put in a lot while preparing for this meeting.

It will also express that you are interested in taking the relationship forward and have more expectations from this date. Orchids are long-lasting blooms, and your date will be pleasantly surprised on seeing this bouquet. It will represent your affection and an indication that you have more expectations from the relationship.

5. Gerberas

Gerberas are beautiful and colourful flowers. These flowers are a playful and ideal gift for a first date. When you meet your date for the first time, you must give her flowers that show your playful side as well. It should represent that you are looking forward to enjoying your date's company and intend to make the meeting memorable for both. Gerberas are available in several colours like red, yellow, orange, pink and even white.

You can choose a floral arrangement with a collection of several coloured gerberas to show that it is going to be an extraordinary meeting. Another unique feature of gerberas is that, unlike other flowers, these last long in a vase. Most cuttings die in a few days, but gerberas last longer and do not quickly lose their bright colour. Therefore, it will remind your date of you every time she sees the gerberas in the vase. Since gerberas last long, people believe that gerberas represent long-lasting love and affection. This makes these flowers a perfect gift for your date.

When you go on a date, you must select the flowers after careful deliberation. The flowers that you give your date at the first meeting will be different from the subsequent ones. In the first meeting, you can choose to provide subtle flowers and show your affections without seeming too forward. Flowers have meanings, and hence, you should select flowers based on their sense. Your date will love the gesture that you have purchased flowers and brought them even on a first date. This will help you understand the emotions of your date as well, and you will find that your meeting will also be successful because of this beautiful gesture.