Fun Ideas for a Glamorous Date Night
June 30, 2021

Fun Ideas for a Glamorous Date Night

We all know that in these current times it can be a bit of a chore deciding what to do for “date night”. You may both be working long hours, you may have children to consider, you may not have the energy to drag yourself off somewhere – but here are ten fun ideas to help you glamorize your next few date nights in the future.

Date Nights At Home

There are so many options available of dates to plan at home. These can be as thrifty or as costly as you like. They need not be boring: make them fun, glamorous, and exhilarating.

Take a night off from electronics, including electricity. Pretend the power is off. Light some candles, or even a fire. Build a fort, dress up in your best evening wear, roast some s’mores and tell each other ghost stories.

Have a tasting party for two! Choose your flavor with glee: whiskey, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, olives, or cheese. Anything that takes your fancy. Do your homework, make tasting stations, and tasting notes. Dress up and pretend you are in high company. Choose to speak to each other in different accents to add another dimension to the fun.

Turn your bedroom into an exclusive hotel room: decked out with scented candles, rose petals, and soft romantic music. Order in from your favorite takeaway and eat in bed.

Have a games night with a difference: play online games where you can learn winning strategies and entertain each other with your abilities. There is such a great variety available including trusted favorites like blackjack, roulette, and poker. Choose a site that has quality games and excellent reviews and offers safe gameplay with bonuses. You can pretend you are at a real casino, and dress the part – dress to win!

Date Nights A Bit Further Afield

Take a dance class together. Dancing is all about being close, being attuned to each other’s bodies, and working as a team. Be sure to dress the part: think glam dancing queen chic!

Go for a long leisurely drive: destination unknown. Better yet, hire a limousine or a convertible: dress up as your favorite old-time movie stars and cruise the streets in your disguise.

Book tickets for the Opera or a Ballet. This is always an ideal opportunity to get smartened up and romance the night away.

Extravagant Date Nights

Take a hot air balloon ride. Sunrise or sunset flights are the most romantic. Make sure to pack an airborne picnic of champagne and strawberries.

Try out that expensive new restaurant you have had your eye on. Go for a brunch instead of dinner. Be extravagant. Put your glad rags on and enjoy the time in each other’s company. Pretend you are food critics, or maybe even order for each other.

Book a dinner cruise. Let the water wash away your worries as you wine and dine in luxury on-board. 

There are so many exciting things to try: use your imagination, add some sparkle, and savor the time you have together!