November 20, 2023

Scottish Titles –The Perfect Gift in the US

America is the land of the free and European settlers arrived a few centuries ago, looking to start a new life away from the tyrants in Europe at that time. One thing that Americans love that they are missing in their culture is aristocracy, which leads me to introduce the most amazing gift of a Scottish Title; you can register your father as a landowner in the Scottish Highlands and he will own 1 square foot of land and this, according to Scottish law, enables him to use the title ‘Lord’ before his name.

Online solutions

If you type Scotland Titles into a search engine, the website explains in great detail how you can legally arrange for the lucky recipient to be bestowed the title of ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’; the package comes complete with GPS coordinates, a Land Title deed and certificate and many other features.

Visit your land at any time

To prove this is not some kind of complex fraud, as a landowner, you have the right to visit your plot of land whenever you feel like it (what a great reason to plan a holiday in Scotland). Of course, you are given the precise coordinates and you can even see the plot using Google Earth!

Treat yourself

If you were thinking acquiring land in Scotland is in the thousands or hundreds of dollars, think again; prices are so low that everyone can afford to be an official Lord or Lady. Imagine booking a flight using the title, which you are legally permitted to do! If you fancy becoming a true Scottish aristocrat, Google will whisk you off to the official platform for Scottish Titles.

Meet with other landowners

Once you become a Scottish landowner, you can join the Facebook group and get to know your neighbors, other Americans and people from all parts of the world. Every time someone becomes titled, the company plants a tree, which is a great idea!

Whether you fancy becoming Scottish nobility or you would like to gift someone with the title, there is one US provider and the process is simple; a no-quibbles 30-day money-back guarantee is issued every time a new noble is titled, which guarantees satisfaction.