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6 Fashion Staples For Long-Distance Flights

Nothing quite compares to cramming yourself into a single, insufficiently cushioned seat for several hours, which can quickly cause some significant discomfort. However, don't let it deter you from adventuring! 

If you carry some airplane necessities, have a few travel hacks and most importantly know what to wear and where to sit, we guarantee that you will enjoy your flights and get through it easily! Below, we have gathered all the fashion staples that you need for your long-distance flights. 

Cardigan or jacket 

Wearing an extra layer in your outfit can help prevent your back from being exposed because you'll be sitting down for the majority of the time. It's convenient to have something that still protects your body, particularly as the flight goes on and you sink down in your seat.

Layering also has the added benefit of keeping you warm. We all know that airplane blankets aren't the warmest available, and flights may get chilly. Plus, your cardigan or jacket can be folded up to use as a pillow when it's warmer on board.

T-shirts and comfortable tops

T-shirts are the epitome of cozy. Plus, it can be dolled up with a necklace and adorable bracelets. Alternatively, choose chic tops made of natural materials like cotton, silk, wool, or linen that will enable air and moisture to pass through. Another smart choice is synthetic textiles that will wick away the moisture. 

Compression socks

Compression socks are a must if you're thinking about what socks to wear on long trips.  No matter if you book cheap flights or expensive ones, you will still get the risk of getting a DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. However, compression socks can aid by promoting better blood flow and reducing DVT. 

A good pair of shoes

Always choose comfortable attire for lengthy flights, including running shoes. Flip-flops may not be a good option; not only are they rather useless if you need to sprint between gates, but they can also prevent you from leaving the plane safely in the event of an emergency landing. Running shoes, sneakers, and flats are good options that you can wear on your long-haul flight. 

Comfortable pants of your choice

If you've previously flown in long-haul wearing skinny jeans and you feel comfortable doing so, more power to you! However, it is advisable that you wear loose pants to up the comfort level. You can wear leggings, genie pants, or palazzo pants.  


Scarves are one of the best travel accessories for long trips because of their versatility. You can skip bringing blanket on board to keep your warm by wearing a good, broad scarf that you can wrap around yourself. Thick scarves can also be folded and treated as a small pillow. Alternatively, you can wrap your scarf over your head as if it was a sleeping mask.