Planning the Proposal
November 25, 2022

Planning the Proposal: 4 Amazing Places in the USA to Pop the Question

So you found your one, your other half, the love of your life. Now it’s time to ask them to spend the rest of your lives together. This is a very important moment for both of you and it has to be done right. One of the factors to do so is choosing the most memorable location to go down on one knee.

Location is important because it will be part of your love story for the years to come. Your partner will remember how surprised they were and how the place itself made the moment you both have been waiting for even more special.

Choosing the right place might not seem easy, but all you need is some research and soul-searching to find what fits you the best as a couple. In an effort to help you, we present to you the four best locations to do it if you live in the States.

Maui, HI

What can be the peak of your relaxing holiday in Hawaii that you both needed so much? Yes, a proposal. Maui is the perfect place to do it because it’s another natural masterpiece with so much to offer: beaches, waterfalls, mountains…

And if you don’t want it to be all about the marvelous location, there are so many activities you can do here together: from snorkeling to cocktail tasting while relaxing on the beach. Just think about what is best for you as a couple. 

A bonus for this place is the fact you might want to plan a wedding here as well. Or at least the honeymoon. It might forever be the place where you go on a holiday as a family and remember the day one of you got down on their knees and the rest is history.

Grand Canyon, AZ

If you are an adventurous couple, you can’t go wrong with starting your engagement in the Grand Canyon. The same goes for those couples who generally like to travel.  Because this natural wonder is for sure on their bucket list.

The national park is huge so there are so many spots to choose from. This is where your characteristic as a couple should help you choose: the adventurous ones should do it at the end of a hike for example, while the romantics will prefer something easily reachable but still with a marvelous view of a sunset.

Arizona is a great place to propose, and you can even find great venues to do the wedding. And if you decide on the spur of the moment to ask for the hand of your partner, Phoenix engagement rings are among the best you can find. Imagine what a great story for future generations it will be.

New York, NY

Are you humming the Empire State of Mind after reading the heading? Or New York New York? Whatever your musical choice might be, if you prefer the city jungle to natural wonder, the capital of the Empire State is a great choice to ask your significant other to tie the knot.

New York is huge and it has a lot of ideal places to offer. Even if you are a New Yorker yourself. Or especially in that case. And don’t think just Manhattan, other parts of the Big Apple can be equally mesmerizing or simply more in tune with what you as a couple like.

A proposal in New York can be so many things and what is certain is that in the end, you will call it LEGEN-wait for it…DARY.

Hollywood, CA

On the other side of the United States is another amazing town known worldwide - Hollywood. It’s one of those places where dreams come true. The dream is usually of becoming rich and famous, but you can make it your own dreamland by deciding to ask for a hand in marriage to your partner.

Hollywood is such an amazing setting because its studios usually mask so many other places and things. This probably inspired the whole business of companies that are ready to make your ideal proposal come true however you always imagine it will be. Or just take you to the Hollywood sign, which is more than magnificent on its own.

Wrapping it up 

When planning the perfect proposal, and the wedding after it, it’s really important to have one thing in mind: you found the one and that was the hard part. The rest of it will be all about you two enjoying your life as a couple.

So make sure you have fun and don’t stress too much while organizing. We hope we helped reduce the stress at least when it comes to where to offer that engagement ring.