4 Ultimate Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress
March 31, 2021

4 Ultimate Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress

These days, it is almost impossible to avoid being stressed or overwhelmed. Having to juggle between social life, family, and work is a huge challenge. According to recent studies, approximately 77 percent of people have so much stress that it impacts their physical health. 33 percent have extreme stress, and 73 percent report feeling stress that affects their mental health. At the end of the day, everyone needs to relax and let go of the stress. Here are a few helpful tips:

 4 Ultimate Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress

  • Exercise

Even though working out may be the last thing on your mind after a long day, it helps. It relaxes both your mind and body. All types of exercise can be great for relieving stress. Whether you choose long walks, aerobics, or yoga, physical activity will pump up your endorphins resulting in a better mood.

Exercise relieves stress while mimicking its effects. It helps your body and its systems work out through fight or flight responses. It may have a positive impact on your immunity, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. Consider working out for 30 minutes to two hours in the evening. Set fitness goals and note that some exercise is better than nothing.

  • Online Chat Therapy

Everyone wants to talk to someone that cares and understands their feelings, especially after a stressful day. The internet has opened up lots of opportunities to get support for stress and mental health problems. You may get support for any issues and stressors in your life. If you live in a remote area, online chat therapy will improve your access to therapists. You may have no other forms of mental health treatment close to your geographical area. Having to drive long distances just to see your therapist could add to your stress. Online chat therapy is convenient and affordable as well.

  • Guided Imagery

Guided imagery requires that you conjure up images of relaxing scenes, places, and experiences in your mind. There are lots of online recordings and apps that can help. Pick options that are relevant to your needs. Some types of imagery may be relaxing to other people but insignificant to you. Guided imagery will help you reinforce a pleasant vision. However, you will need some practice before you can successfully block out intrusive thoughts.

  • Music

4 Ultimate Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress

Listening to music is one of the best ways to relieve stress after a long day. Studies suggest that the effects of music on your mind and body are profound. Listening to upbeat music promotes concentration and alertness. It can give you a positive view of life. Slow music, on the other hand, will relax your mind and muscles. It can make you feel better at the end of a hard day.

Consider combining music with other relaxation tips like taking a long bath, exercise, and mindful meditation.

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Instead of choosing just one technique to relax and reduce stress, consider sampling a few options until you find one that works. You may need to combine multiple techniques for optimal results.

4 Ultimate Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress