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Is Pet Insurance Worth the Hype? Everything You Need to Know

In today's market, it can seem overwhelming with the amount of advertising that is delivered on a daily basis. There are products that help with everything from improving your education, your salary, your health to even your love life. It can be all too easy to get overwhelmed when you go to search out information on a particular service and find millions of hits. 

If you are new to pet ownership, then you probably know all too well what that overwhelming feeling is like. You go through all the excitement of scouting out your new little best friend, you put the deposit down, and then you go pick them up - but somewhere in the mix you get with, the list. The list of all the things you need in order to be the new pet parent you are.

The pet house, the leash, the toys, the treats, the formula food you want them to have - it’s a lot to take in! When you’re going through all of this, if you aren’t familiar with it already, pet insurance might seem like an odd item to find its way onto your list. Perhaps you have never considered pet insurance, or you just genuinely don’t know if it’s worth your time and investment. 

Thankfully, the answer to your questions is more than just a simple yes or no. Having a pet is a dynamic, and personal journey. One that’s deeply satisfying and one that is deeply personal. No other dynamic will be like the one that you share with your pet, as you learn how to raise them and love them. Whether you get them at the beginning of their lives or you rescue them once they are a bit older, this relationship is special and unique.

Here are some of the reasons that will help you understand if pet insurance is for you and see that it may be worth the hype it gets. 

Why Would You Need Pet Insurance?

For first-time pet owners, you may be blown away by the cost of getting a new pet. Whether you bought your pet from a breeder or were given the pet as a gift, getting all the things just takes money. What’s more, is that pet’s also involve continued costs. Play areas wear out, toys get chewed up, food needs are regularly restocked, and shots and vaccines are important to stay on top of. 

With all of the cost of owning a pet, it can seem like pet insurance might be one corner that is perfectly sized to cut. However, that may be worth taking a second look at based on the cost of treatments and care over the pet’s life. 

Emergencies Are Rarely Cheap

Even though you want your pet to live a happy, love-filled life - you know that life sometimes happens. Everything from your new puppy chewing up something its stomach is having trouble digesting, all the way to a fractured bone, your pet has the potential to get into an accident. When these things happen, and treatment is required, the price tag associated can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

This is where having accidental coverage can really be the main way that your pet gets the care and attention that it needs. By helping pet owners get treatments for accidents, pet insurance removes any chance of cost prohibiting the care and attention your faithful companion may be in need of. 

What About Preventative Care?

Pet insurance isn’t just something for the hard times that we hope never come, it’s also for the day-to-day. One of the best ways to ensure that your pet lives a happy, love-filled life is to make sure that they are getting the proper preventive care they need. 

Preventive care for pets includes:

  • Regular Check-Ups
  • Exams 
  • Medications 
  • Therapeutic Diets and Supplements 

All of these tools work powerfully to monitor your pet’s health and set them up for success over the long haul. While these treatments are not as expensive as accident-related treatments can be, over time the cost builds up. Finding a plan that works to save you money as you provide the best life possible for your pet may be easier than you think. 

Pet’s Age 

Another way that pet insurance can impact your pet’s health is simply by being available for natural, age-related issues that will arise. Larger breeds of dogs historically end up having hip and joint issues, just like cats can develop more sensitive gastrointestinal issues. 

With pet insurance, you can make sure that these issues are taken care of in a way that doesn’t break your bank but still gets your pet the treatment they need. 

It’s Hassel Free

Another way that pet insurance can improve your life, is in how easy handling claims can be. When you think of insurance, your mind might go immediately to the nightmare that most health insurance agencies are when it comes to making a claim, or having them pay out for treatments they cover. 

Thankfully, pet insurance companies like Spot Pet Insurance, not only offer some of the most competitive pet insurance on the market but make it a breeze to use. 

There are three easy steps you have to take in order to use the insurance plan you set up. First, you visit any licensed vet, specialist, or emergency clinic and get the treatment your pet needs. Once this is done, you’ll pay your bill and take the information and submit the claim through their app. No paper trails, no headache. Once it’s processed, you’ll get a reimbursement via direct deposit or mailed check. 

It’s really that easy. 


With so many benefits and so little hassle, checking out if pet insurance is right for you is simple, fast, and easy. With the flexibility that allows you to pay for coverage you want, you can find incredible pet insurance packages that match a price tag you're comfortable with. So check out Spot Pet Insurance today, and see how they can help your pet live a happy, full life.