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How to Pick a Great Pair of Skates?

Choosing the right pair of skates can be a tricky job, which is why before you start looking for the perfect pair of skates, you should understand the different types. Roller skates can be considered anything from standard skates, disco skates, and outdoor skates to derby skates and more, so be sure you have a clear idea of what kind of skates you need before you start the hunt. The design, wheel size and quality of bearings deserve special attention when choosing skates. 

If you plan to participate in competitions or do high-speed skating, it's critical to get the best quality skates within your budget range. If you are a beginner at skating, you should seek expert help to choose the skates.

What Are Roller Skates?

Skates are either shoes with integrated wheels or bindings that fit into shoes. Once you wear these shoes, you can roll along on wheels. Roller skating is popular as a recreational activity, sport and even as a means of short-distance commute. 

The wearer can travel on flat surfaces using skates. These shoes are usually designed with a broad base plate that ensures stability. Unlike roller blades, skates come with four wheels and are more stable. Today, people even use roller skating as a fitness activity. Whether you want to skate for fun or skate for competition, it's vital to have high-quality skates. These Impala Roller Skates by WowSkates can be a good consideration in this regard.

How to Find the Best Skates

A lot of things matter in the hunt for the preferred pair of skates. You should even consider factors like your age, skating level and the weather in your location. However, the first thing to decide is what kind of skates you want.

Wheel Type

Decide on whether you want soft wheels or hard wheels. You can understand the hardness of the wheel using a durometer scale that goes from 0-100 A (the hardest wheels measure 100). 

Though hard wheels typically last longer, soft wheels perform better and offer better grip and shock absorption capabilities. Also, modern manufacturers now use special techniques to ensure the durability of soft wheels. Some skates come with light-up wheels and other special features. 

Choose the Right Skate Type

If you want to dance in disco rinks with your skates, in addition to staking outside for recreation, choose combination skates that are good for both indoor and outdoor skating. If you only plan to skate occasionally, then you may not need full-fledged skates. 

You can buy bindings that you can attach to your sneakers or sports shoes instead. The two most common types of skates are inline skates and quad skates. Quad skates are often considered the best choice for beginners since they come with four wheels for greater balance. On the other hand, confident skaters may prefer inline skates as they provide more enhanced maneuverability.

Boot Type

The next factor you should consider is the type of boots or "shells" the skates are attached to. Hardshell skates are more durable than soft shell skates. So if you are looking for support and stability, it's best to go for hard shell skates. 

These skates are ideal for outdoor use. However, you will need soft shell skates if you want to dance or do other activities that require maneuvering. Also, soft skates are lighter and offer more ventilation. 

Quality of Bearings and Base Plate

Low-quality bearings can trigger several injuries. If possible, find skates with rust and corrosion-resistant bearings. Sand, dirt and other debris from the road can get stuck between bearings and impact the smoothness of your skates. 

High-quality bearings are vital if you plan to do high-speed skating. Additionally, the quality of the base plates and trucks that form part of the skates should be assessed. 

While metal plates are more durable, nylon plates offer more cushioning. Decide if you want agility or stability. Much like wheels, soft plates facilitate enhanced agility, and rigid plates facilitate stability.

Break Mechanisms

Skates generally have break mechanisms like toe stops. You can use the toe stop to start skating and to stop skating. Ensure that the toe stop works smoothly and is in good condition. 

Build and Style

Study the build and style of the skates. Roller skates for kids may come with appealing images, attractive features like light-up wheels and other embellishments. If style matters to you, you can check out high-grade skates that can also double as shoes (the wheels push back into the shoe base). 

The build of your skates should be ergonomic. The boot should provide optimal ankle support and joint support. Check if the skates offer sufficient padding and cushioning. Lightweight skates are easier to manage than hefty ones.

Final Thoughts

You must not forget safety gear regardless of whether you are a beginner at skating or a pro. Use skating helmets, knee pads and elbow pads for safety or choose high-top boots that offer more ankle safety than low-top ones.