10 Tips To Choose Right Shoes
December 11, 2019

10 Tips To Choose Right Shoes

Shoes. For some people, they are a passion. But, for the majority, they are just an everyday item. To what category do you think you belong? In fact, depending on what you answer, one can make a conclusion about the shoes you choose.

For those who love shoes, their appearance, stylishness, and exclusivity play the most important role. The other category of people usually chooses a comfortable pair or any they think is well for them.

Still, such criteria for choice is not the only one. A perfect pair has to fit your feet. Therefore, you should use some more specific criteria when looking for the right shoes.

10 Tips To Choose Right Shoes

Things to Consider Before a Purchase

The choice of shoes begins not in the shoe store. How is that? Everything’s simple. Let’s see what parameters should be thought of before shopping for a new pair:

  • The purpose you will use shoes for. Walking is not the only answer. There exist dozens of shoes for different needs: athletic shoes, casual, dress shoes, boots. You can’t use one pair for all purposes.
  • The material the shoes are made of. Leather, textiles, PU leather, rubber: different materials possess different properties. Dress shoes will look perfect in leather, whereas a casual pair can add to your style due to the textile materials used.
  • The price. Good shoes cost good money. Still, you can find a quality pair at a reasonable price.

10 Tips To Choose Right Shoes

Do They Fit?

Choosing shoes is not a thing of a minute. Be ready to spend some time at the shoe shop and try on many shoes. Don’t want to spend an hour choosing a new pair? We’ve got some tips to help you find your perfect match fast:

  • Always chose your size. Regardless of the size written on the shoes, choose those that fit your feet length. If your common size is 38, it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel comfortable in a pair sized 37 or 39 of different manufacturers. There should be enough space between your longest toe tip and the shoe tip. To check it, try to put the index finger between the heel and the shoe back. If there’s enough space for it, it is a perfect length. Too big shoes are also bad because they won’t support your feet causing discomfort.
  • The shoes won’t expand. The problem of some people, especially women, is that they hope their shoes will get more comfortable over time. They won’t! Wearing good shoes is like wearing socks. You don’t feel them on.
  • Try both shoes on. We bet some of you can remember themselves putting on new shoes and understanding that one of them is small? That’s because some people have one foot longer than the other. Trying on both shoes will prevent such unpleasant surprises.
  • Take into account the peculiarities of your feet. Low or high arches are another thing to consider when purchasing shoes. A “wet test” can help you determine your type. Leave a wet footprint on a paper and trace it. If you see the entire sole or a small curve, you have low arches. Shoes with arch support will fit you best. If you have high arches, make sure you don’t feel pressure on the upper side. Give preference to the soft midsole.
  • The width also matters. Your sole and toes should feel comfy in the shoes. Make sure there’s enough space for you to wiggle the toes.
  • Go shopping after work. Why is it so important? Your legs swell after a long day. Thus, they may get longer and wider at the end of the day. Choosing shoes at this time guarantees that you’ll feel comfortable wearing them throughout the day.
  • Try the shoes on the way you are going to wear them. If you are buying athletic shoes, try them on wearing socks or pads you usually use. It will let you understand if you feel comfortable wearing them.

You can find some more useful advice on choosing a particular type of shoes on perfectshoesforyou.com. We hope that our tips will help you find the shoes you’ll feel both comfortable and stylish in.

10 Tips To Choose Right Shoes