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How To Become A Fashion Blogger With Free Animation Software? (A Full Guide)

Are you aware you can use animation to establish a successful fashion blog? Also, do you know there are high-end animation makers that you can leverage for free? Well, keep reading this guide to find out how you can use free animation software like Doratoon to become a fashion blogger. 

Also, in case you have come to this page wondering if animation is relevant in fashion blogging, I will show you where it applies. Let's dive in.

Things To Consider Before Venturing Into Fashion Blogging

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Before going into fashion blogging, you need to ask yourself the following questions to help position yourself on the right track:

  1. What are your interests?
  2. What do you excel at?
  3. Why would you like to venture into fashion blogging?
  4. Which kind of fashion blogs are you focused on?
  5. Which viewers do you intend to target? 

Having the answers to the above questions prepares you for the next phase of the fashion blogging journey. These answers help simplify many future decisions/choices you may need to make.

How To Be A Fashion Blogger With Free Animation Software

The steps below will help you get started in your fashion blogging journey:

  • Find The Right Free Animation Software

Before anything else, you need to pick a tool that will meet your specific fashion animating needs. Such a platform should offer you video styles, templates, and other media elements tailored to suit a fashion blog. There are many such tools, but Doratoon is the ideal choice. This software is free and online-based, so you do not even need to install it.

Doratoon has creative fashion-related characters that are pre-animated and free to use. It also features many royalty-free pictures and videos that can blend right into fashion content. Since these media assets are more than a thousand, you'll always have unique material to add to your animation videos. 

  • Identify Your Niche

Fashion is a broad term that encompasses clothes, accessories, makeup, and other items. These categories are further subdivided into demographics by factors like age and gender. Thus, before you start your blog, know whom you are writing for and which group they fit into. This lets you know what they like or want.

Fortunately, animation is versatile, and once you establish your niche, you can create just about anything for them. It can enable you to cover all your audience's interests and likes. You can meet all your followers' needs with the right animated video maker. This can even help you get ahead of any competing blogs.

  • Set Up The Blog

Having chosen a platform to create your fashion animation videos and identified your target audience, it's time to build your page. You need to select a web hosting platform. Here you can opt for a free or paid web service, or you can go for an open source self-hosted blog. When selecting a host, consider their pricing, reliability, speed, security, and customer service.

You also need to select a domain name. Needless to say, you should pick one that is unique, fun, and trendy. Once your blog is up and running, select a fashion theme that shows off your style but also matches your content. You can draw inspiration from other successful blogs. 

  • Begin Creating Content

You can now leverage Doratoon and create free animation content at this stage. This cartoon maker offers a wide range of video styles, including whiteboard and 2D animation. It is also relatively easy to use, as you only need four steps to complete the entire creation process. These are:

  1. Visit the Doratoon website and sign up for an account.
  2. Select a template or begin creating your animated video from scratch.
  3. Edit the clip by customizing fonts, colors, transitions and more.
  4. Export and download or share your video to YouTube or other platforms directly.
  5. Promote Your Content & Monetize The Blog

As a blogger, you want other people to read your content, but since you are just starting out, they most likely don't know you exist. Hence, you need to make your presence known by promoting your blog. You can do this via social media, email marketing, paid advertisements, SEO and guest blogging.

Once you have an audience, it's time to turn your blog into a job. You can make money from your page through affiliate marketing, displaying ads, selling products or promoting brands. 

Applicable Scenarios of Animations in Fashion Blogging

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There are numerous ways to improve your fashion blogging via free animation websites:

  • YouTube videos

  • YouTube accounts often go hand in hand with a blog. If readers like your content, they will likely look you up on YouTube. Fortunately, animation can also help you spice up your YouTube channel by enabling you to make a captivating YouTube intro and outro. 

  • Instagram videos

  • Social media is an incredible way to promote your blog, and Instagram is among the most popular platforms. Hence, you can leverage cartooning software to make animated videos for your IG stories or daily posts. Constantly uploading animated blog-related content on your Instagram channel can draw traffic to your blog.

  • Creating display ads

  • Displaying ads on your blog is one of the best ways to generate money from your website. With animation, you can create visually engaging advertisements that promote the product and your blog.

  • Explainer videos

  • These videos are a convenient way to market your blog by explaining what it entails and what kind of content you deal with. Animated explainer videos are more appealing and unique, and you can illustrate your blog in a way that humanizes it. For example, you can find some guide for novices in Doratoon’s interface which gets a professional introduction for explainer video as well as various free templates.

  • Making promotional videos

  • You can create animated promotional videos to promote your blog or a brand you are collaborating with. Since animation is almost limitless, it allows you to explore your creativity and come up with fantastic promo videos that stand out.

    Top Tips to Be a Successful Fashion Blogger 

    Below are some tips that can guide you through your fashion blogging journey:

  • Be true to yourself

  • Being who you are in fashion blogging is often a huge selling point. Your followers will stick with you as long as you give them something they like, but they will also quickly notice if you aren't being true to yourself. While it may be tempting to copy others, you are better off sticking to your fashion values. 

  • Give it time

  • Dedication pays off, so you shouldn't be discouraged if your blog doesn't go viral immediately. It takes time to build a following and gather a community of readers. Your readers can also tell how dedicated you are to your blog and may support it depending on your efforts. Hence, give yourself and your blog time.

  • Practice consistency

  • Consistency builds credibility and shows professionalism. Thus, you should upload content regularly, stick to a schedule and stay in touch with your audience. Consistency is the best way to sustain your readers once you get them.

  • Create a network

  • Opportunities in fashion blogging can come from anywhere, including your audience. Hence, you should engage them in the comments and network with them. To stay in the industry and excel, you need to connect with like-minded people.

  • Watch out for competition

  • You cannot stay ahead of the game if you don't keep an eye out for competition. Therefore, it's wise to look up other fashion bloggers and know what they are doing that you can learn to do better.


    Incorporating animation into fashion blogging can bring a sense of uniqueness to your content. This can allow you to stand out from other bloggers. Fortunately, with Doratoon, a free website for animation, you do not have to pay an extra dime to animate content for your blog. You can easily create stunning animated videos for your website with only a few clicks.