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Hong Kong Jockey Club Fashion Tips: What to Wear at the Much-Awaited Race

Woman Dressed for Race Event

When dressing up for the races, style and elegance must be the priority. It is also important to consider the dress code for the event and the weather to dress appropriately. Whether you are heading there to bet or enjoy the fashion extravagant at these events, the right outfit can help you stand out.

However, it can get challenging to come up with the ideal outfit for the Hong Kong jockey club stakes event. It is already a nerve-wracking event where betting stakes are high, get all of the latest daily racing tips here. 

Now, it is time to help you find the best outfit to impress the other guests. Here are some of the best fashion tips you should consider when finalizing your outfit for the event.

Go All Royal

Get in touch with the royal inside of you and wear shades or purple with metallic accessories for a jaw-dropping outfit. Men can go with blue and burgundy jackets to create a classy outfit.

Don’t Forget Comfort

As fabulous as you want to look, you must keep in mind that you will be spending almost an entire day on your feet. Be sure to keep the stilettos in your closet for this event and go with more comfortable shoes and heels.

If you feel you can’t pull heels of in an all-day event, consider some gorgeous flats that will go great with your outfits. You can even consider wedges as they are comfier than other heels.

Similarly, ensure the outfit you are planning to wear is also comfortable for you as you will be wearing it all day long.

Go Bold

Bold colours can certainly be a hit when pulled off right. Women can go with colours like teal, lime green, canary yellow, or tangerine orange. These go well with puffy sleeves and asymmetrical hemming. For men, a statement jacket with a plain shirt is a great way to go.

Experiment with Headwear

Hats are a must for race days, and there are countless options for you to choose from. Straw-style hats, face veils, headbands, felt hats, and even velvet ones. You can even go with preppy bows, bejewelled headbands, or berets.

Go with Florals

Love florals? A long floral dress or a mini dress with romantic tones creates a timeless outfit for this event. Men can also go floral by wearing a tasty floral shirt with a navy-toned suit.

Play with Texture

If you love to take some risks, then you can certainly play around with textures. Embrace lofty textures like velvet, boucle, plaid, and tweed. Suede, beading, and embroidery look great on these textures. However, be sure to keep the weather in mind. You wouldn’t want to get too hot in beautiful spring weather.

Get that 70s Touch

Borrow a few trends from the 70s and wear dresses with longer hems, classy jewellery, and even silk turbans. Man can go with a bow tie, simple shirt, with tux jacket.

Don’t Forget to Layer

You can even wear light layers to make the outfit interesting and nuanced, as it adds a bit of intrigue to a simple outfit.

Tailored Suiting

Go with clashing prints when it comes to a tailored suit and accessorise with chunky jewellery. Men, on the other hand, can go for playful cuts and bold stripes.


While women can experiment around with jewellery, hats, and bags, men can wear pocket squares and lapel pins to make things interesting. Be sure to match the pocket square and pin with the suit to look on point.

Other Useful Tips

Aside from selecting the right outfit, be sure that there are no offensive writings or images and the outfit isn’t tattered. Other things you must avoid:

  •         Not wearing socks with shoes
  •         Wearing denim or jeans
  •         Shirts without collars
  •         Showcasing midriff
  •         Peaked caps
  •         Pullover, rugby tops, and football guernseys
  •         Sandals, gumboots, slippers, sports shoes, or track shoes

With the racing carnival fast approaching, everyone is racing to decide their outfits to vow the other guests. Aside from cheering on your favourites and enjoying the race, these events are also about making connections, networking, and flaunting your style.

Everyone brings to these events a touch of their unique fashion, but it is also wise to check the dress codes or any restrictions before the event to avoid any issues at the main event. Keep the look simple and classy if you aren’t sure. These tips will ensure that you are ready to impress at the event.