Here's What Men Need To Know About Accessorizing With Gemstones
December 06, 2021

Here's What Men Need To Know About Accessorizing With Gemstones

More men have begun to embrace colorful jewelry after several celebrities were spotted wearing brooches while walking on the red carpet. In recent Hollywood events, top stars such as Michael B, Jordan, John Legend, Timothy Chalamet, and Billy Porter showed their love for jewelry by adding colorful gemstones to their outfits. If you are inspired by this fashion trend, know that you can add flair to any essential clothing that you have in your closet by accessorizing them with gemstones. Here are a couple of ways to spice up your outfits with colorful jewelry.  
Here's What Men Need To Know About Accessorizing With Gemstones

Using Gemstones with Formal Clothing

Every man should have a suit, even if it is just the one. However, you can make your only formal outfit look different on various occasions by accessorizing it with gemstones. A tie-clip decorated with a colorful stone will add flair to whatever suit you are wearing. It is essential to choose a gemstone color to complement your attire. One rule to follow is to select dark-colored gemstones for suits with light colors. So if you're wearing a white or cream suit, try pairing it with onyx, tigers eye, or ruby jewelry.
Wearing cufflinks embedded with gems can also help to make your coat and tie stand out. However, when wearing cufflinks with tie-clips, you must ensure that their stones complement each other and their base metals are the same. For example, if you have a ruby-encrusted tie-clip, your cufflinks should have the exact gemstone or at least have a gem with the same color. 
If you're a traditionalist, consider choosing a gemstone based on your birth month and use it as the main gem in all of your accessories. For example, if you were born in September, then your gemstone is sapphire. You can wear a sapphire necklace, ring, or even a single stud earring to give your formalwear a pop of color. 

Adding Flair to Casual Clothing

You can also give your jeans and shirt a dash of color by adding gemstone jewelry. Wearing a necklace with your favorite gemstone can make any casual outfit look amazing. An acceptable length for a gemstone pendant necklace should be between 55 to 63 cm so that the gem falls to the middle of your chest. Likewise, if you want to wear more than one necklace, make sure that the necklaces complement each other. You may also want to select a gemstone that will match your skin tone; for example, yellow topaz and citrine will look best on deeper skin tones, while those with fair skin tones may want to consider rubies, emeralds, or amethysts. 
You can also accessorize your casual clothing with gem-encrusted bracelets. When choosing a bracelet, it is best to select one that will fit a little snugly on your wrist. Some bracelets that are embedded with gemstones have properties that enhance people's health, luck, and protection. Peridot gemstones, for example, are believed to possess healing, cleansing, and protective properties. Do your research and see what type of gemstones you'd like to wear for your health, happiness, and wellbeing. 
Wearing gemstone accessories will add flair to your outfits and make you stand out in any event. Consider these tips to wear gemstone jewelry in tasteful ways, and have fun adding some color to your formal wear and everyday attire